Maseki Gurume – Vol 3 Chapter 6 Part 1

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Chapter 6 – I Think I’m The First Crown Prince To Work Undercover

Part 1


Unlike Ist, the night sky in the royal capital was clear and cloudless that day.

Two women walking in the corner of the noble district monopolized the gaze of the opposite sex.

“Thank you for inviting me today, Olivia-sama.”

One of them is Krone, the young lady of the August Trading Company. In her right hand was a star crystal that was shimmering brilliantly today as well.

She is wearing a gray cardigan over a white dress that is just above the knee in length. Her light blue hair, her pride and joy, swept in the wind over her not-so-glamorous outfit.

Perhaps it was because her appearance was too beautiful to match the scent of the flowers she wore, but she could easily pull off a simple outfit.

“Thanks to Olivia-sama, today has been a truly wonderful day.”

Olivia, who was walking next to her, smiled wistfully at Krone’s words.

“No, I’m glad you enjoyed it too, Krone-san.”

The two of them left the castle before the sun went down today and took the royal knights to the castle town.

They went to Olivia’s favorite clothing and jewelry store and had a look around.

“Let’s go again sometime.”

Olivia was dressed in a tight, dark blue dress that exposed her shoulders. Her shoulders were covered by a white stole, which kept her ample bosom and other parts of her body from being exposed.

She also has a star crystal on her chest that was given to her by Ain.


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“…Ah, come to think of it, Olivia-sama.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Actually, I received a message bird from Ain just now. He said that my grandfather helped him with something that he had to do at Ist… I’m going to reply to him when we get back to the castle.”

“Ara… Graff-san helped Ain?”

“What is he trying to do now? Geez… that Ain.”

While complaining, Krone’s expression is not dark. Olivia, who is listening to the conversation, is also smiling, as if to say, It can’t be helped.

“Aren’t you worried, Olivia-sama?”

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at all. But I believe that Ain will be fine. Isn’t that true for you too, Krone-san?”


“Chris is also following him. So if she decides it’s okay, then it will be okay.”

“I’m a little jealous of Chris-san; no, I’m really jealous.”

Krone, who was walking lightly, looked up at the sky.

“I also want to go with Ain. Even if there are important things to do there, I still want to be near him.”

“He’s really loved, isn’t he?”

“Olivia-sama? Did you just say something to me?

“Fufu, no, it’s nothing. By the way…”

Olivia looked at Krone’s chest. She looked at the necklace with a single black pearl on it.

“I’ve been seeing that necklace a lot lately. Do you like it?”

“…Yes. Actually, it’s… yes.”

Krone’s voice was slurred, which made Olivia wonder what was going on.

The conversation was cut short by the fact that it was not a big deal, but Krone put her hand on the black pearl on her chest and muttered to the sky in a small voice.

(How can I say that it is like wearing a necklace that makes me attached to him…?)

It’s not the silver and white that the royal family of Ishtalika prefers, but the black that suits Ain ─ that’s what Krone thinks.

Therefore, only she knew the significance of wearing black.

“By the way, I told the twins this morning that Ain would be coming home soon.”

Krone said with a chuckle.

“And the twins were squealing with delight.”

“They seem to be able to understand human speech. Maybe they will disappear and come back for Ain when they find out.”

“Well, Olivia-sama…”

The two women looked at each other and smiled elegantly. After that, the two women started their way back to the castle, taking in all the people’s attention.


Today, Krone is staying at the castle.

At night, before going to bed, she was going to send a reply to Ain from the message bird.

In her own room on the same floor as Ain’s room, she was thinking about the content of her reply. But she couldn’t come up with the right words, and all she could think of was Ain’s face.

“…I can’t sleep.”

When she thought about it, she was feeling too lonely. But, now that she thought about it, she wanted to praise herself for being able to endure the journey to Ishtalika.

“Hmm. I like it better now, so it can’t be helped.”

She quickly put her thoughts in order and got out of bed.

She put on the cloak that was closest to her and left the room. She thought about going down to the courtyard for a change, but before she knew it, her feet were heading for Ain’s room on the same floor.

Within a few minutes, she arrived at Ain’s room. There were no guards in front of the room, as only royalty or invited guests were allowed to enter this floor.

Ain’s room was unlocked, and when she grabbed the doorknob, it turned easily.

“I feel like a bad girl for entering without permission.”

She ridiculed herself, but her feet did not stop her from moving forward. Instead, the scent of Ain from inside the room seemed to lure him in.

But as soon as she took her first step, she stopped.


She hummed his name in a lonely voice.

She should not be sneaking into a room when the owner is not present. Feeling conflicted, Krone took her second step.

She wondered if Ain would be at the desk or on the couch. She hoped for the unlikely.

“…There’s no way he’s here.”

Obviously, he wasn’t present, but in the back of her mind, she hoped that he was. Even though she could contact him through message bird, she was still lonely these days.

Krone’s feet unconsciously went to Ain’s bedroom.

No, I have to go outside now. Unfortunately, the conflict stirring in her head did not seem to subside, and at the same time, her moving feet showed no signs of stopping.

After walking slowly and deliberately, Krone finally stood next to Ain’s bed.

“…I’m sorry.”

She apologized to the empty room and sat down on Ain’s bed.

The bed creaked lightly. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the message bird she had been wondering about replying to.

She felt guilty for sneaking into the room. But, at the same time, the words she wanted to say to Ain came to mind like a mountain.

Perhaps it was the fact that she was in Ain’s bedroom that made her feel so peaceful.

“I’ll have to apologize next time.”

That’s why she wants him to come back soon. Krone expressed the loneliness she felt at the moment.


“I can’t wait to see you. I guess I’m more lonely than I think.”


She giggled and said it as if she was always teasing Ain. She didn’t want to say anything to embarrass him, so she didn’t put any magic into her words when she said them ─ or so she thought.

“Eh, eh…?”

The message bird reacted, and the blue-white light flashed several times.

Did she put magic power into it unconsciously? Or a malfunction? At any rate, the only thing that mattered was the fact that the words she just said had been sent to Ain.

She wasn’t lying. She was just embarrassed.

“It’s Ain’s fault. Because Ain didn’t come back early enough…”

After sending the message, Krone couldn’t take it back, so she shifted the blame to Ain and slumped down on the bed.

She bent her legs into a crook, hugged a pillow, and closed her eyes.

Then, to her regret, a feeling of intense drowsiness and relief enveloped her whole body, as if her earlier difficulty in sleeping had been a lie.

“I’m not lying… but…”

What kind of reply would she get? She didn’t think he would, but if he ignored her, she wouldn’t be able to recover. However, even though she was not at her calmest, Krone slowly regained her composure.

Once she breathed, her eyelids grew heavy.

With a second breath, her whole body relaxed.

With her third breath, she expressed her loneliness with the words, “Hurry up and come back, you idiot.”

With the fourth breath, she closed her eyelids without any time to resist.


It must have been no more than a few minutes.

After Krone had fallen asleep in Ain’s bed, Martha felt the presence of someone in Ain’s room and walked in wondering.

There was no one in the living room, and the door to the bedroom was half open.

“Is someone here?”

Martha thought of Olivia. She could have snuck into Ain’s room out of loneliness.

But what Martha saw was not Olivia, but a figure of Krone on the bed, holding a pillow.

“…Arara. So it was Krone-sama, come to think of it..”

The only thing that bothered her was that she didn’t have her blanket on tight enough, so Martha quietly fixed it.

Normally, she should be reprimanding the girl for sneaking into the crown prince’s room, but it was inevitable that the thought did not cross her mind for a moment.

“If you catch a cold, Ain-sama will be sad when he returns.”

With a gentle smile, Martha left the bedroom. It is a smiling romance between the crown prince and a girl who has come across the ocean.

She left without doing anything tactful, just to watch over the situation.


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