Maseki Gurume – Vol 3 Chapter 7 Part 3

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Part 3


“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine, perfectly fine.”

Chris, relieved, looked at Wyvern.

“…But how could it be so sturdy?”

The two of them could see the numerous wind holes in Wyvern’s chest. A tremendous amount of fluid is leaking from the Wyvern’s body, and even though it is breathing heavily, it is still very much alive.

“As expected, it’s not normal…!”

Sweat appeared on Chris’s forehead.

“But we can beat it. We just need to reduce its strength again in the same way!”

“Yes, we have to defeat it somehow!”

So far, so good.


“Guu… Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh.”

The Wyvern’s wounds leak a pale light with its large wings and arms also raised to the sky.

“No way…no way that is…”

The wounds that Chris had inflicted on it closed up without a trace.


As soon as the wound healed, the Wyvern looked underwater and was frightened by something. But for Ain and Chris, there was no time to worry about it.

“No way…? Its wound is healed!”

“I-I have never seen a monster do anything like that in my life…”

“There’s no way to defeat this…”

As soon as it seemed that there was no way to defeat it, Ain felt the presence of a magic stone from the Wyvern. The location was on the forehead, and he certainly felt the presence of the magic stone.

But at the same time, the Wyvern was extending its claws more sharply than ever before. Before long, its entire body seemed to have grown another size.

“Chris-san! If we break the magic stone on its forehead, it will be over!”

“On the forehead? It’s going to be a little difficult… but we’ll have to do it.”

The question was which one of them would break it.

(Chris-san’s rapier, or my illusory hand.)

Ain wasn’t sure which would be better.

He chose the refined rapier-handling technique of Chris, a knight who is one of the strongest in Ishtalika.

Instead, Ain decided to fight differently.

“…Hey, Chris-san, can you make a strong thrust if you build up your strength?”

“If I add wind magic, I can do it, but…”

“If so, I’ll use try to hold it. I want Chris-san to deliver the final blow.”

Ain is very confident in his physical strength. In the academy, he had defeated the Red Bison, and in actual combat, he had won a clash with the Sea Dragon.

Seeing the illusory hands spread out like a spider’s web, the Wyvern moves closer to respond.


“I’ll leave the rest of the timing to you, Chris-san!”

“Ah, wait… Ain-sama!”

“When it comes to strength, I’m confident enough, Wyvern!”

The illusory hands counter the claws that assert their existence on the tips of the wings. An extra illusory hand is attached to the wing to prevent the Wyvern from flying away, and the strong legs are also restrained.

The Wyvern is slowly trying to close the distance, but no matter how much it is strengthened, it is not as strong as the Sea Dragon, which is even more powerful and is counted as a disaster.

The fact is that Ain has grown since then and has some leeway. The only problem is that the foothold is bad.

If he is not careful and loses his stance, he will fall into the water. It will be the end of their strength competition.

“What’s wrong… Wyvern! You won’t be able to beat me with that kind of power!”

The agitated tone of voice was meant to inflate himself, but he never let his guard down.

“Gaaaaaah! Guuuaaaaaaaah!”

The Wyvern stretched out its neck as if it thought it couldn’t win a contest of strength. It showed its fangs and tried to bite down on Ain, but Ain’s illusory hand prevented it from closing the distance.

Ain’s breathing became disordered from excitement.

“Hah… hah… it’s okay… I can do it…!”

“Gah! Guh… gaaaaaaaaaah!”

Then Ain felt the wind gathering behind him.

Even though the wind was blowing against the direction of movement, which was too abnormal to put into words, Ain could undoubtedly feel the wind blowing against him, and even though he couldn’t see it, he could tell that it was gathering around Chris’s rapier.

Gradually, the wind changed its shape into a sharp one, and the stinging wind on Ain’s skin hurt a little.

Soon, Chris was running past Ain with a loud voice.

“Thank you for buying enough time. I’m now ready to make sure I can kill it…”

“Ah! Please take care of the rest!”

The rapier in Chris’s right hand blurred as she jumped up. It is covered with strong magic. It will cut through the Wyvern with just a touch.

The fear caused the Wyvern to involuntarily turn its face away from Ain and look at Chris.

I have to bite this one to death. He must have sensed it instinctively.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to let you do that…!”

But it was time for that. In the battles leading up to now, Ain has been working hard to overcome the Wyvern. The illusory hands that had restrained the wings a moment ago were removed, and the Wyvern’s neck was bound and pinned.


The Wyvern, confused by the strong tightening, shook its body in agitation.

“You are a very pitiful Wyvern. I’m sorry, but this is the only way we can save you…”

The Wyvern looked into his kind eyes for the last time.

I’m sorry, he said, but there was no time to resist Chris’s goddess-like mercy, and the rapier plunged deep without any obstacle.


It should have killed it without suffering.

As soon as a gust of wind that ripples across the water in the area, Ain looked at the Wyvern’s forehead and saw a huge wind hole that wasn’t there a moment ago.

Shortly after that, the train came to a stop due to high winds.

The Wyvern lies quietly on the train’s roof, its corpse falling silently toward the river by its own weight.

How did it feel to have its freedom taken from it, to be manipulated? Even though he had won the battle, Ain’s mind was clouded.


“Oh, um… that was a great strike, Chris-san.”

“Fufu, thank you very much. It was thanks to Ain-sama.”

“Oh, geez, I’m really tired.”

“Hahaha… Me too. I just want to take a bath and go to bed.”

“Same here. Anyway, the Wyvern has been killed, and it’s time to go inside.”

The moment he was about to suggest that they go back inside.

The water rises greatly. The two of them, perhaps because the current battle has sharpened their minds, remembered a word at the same time.

At the inn, Sage had said, “I have Wyvern and Kraken with me.” And they are in the water area right now; the Wyvern has been defeated, but…

“That bastard viscount!”

Many tentacles, even thicker than Ain’s, appear from the rising water.

“The Wyvern was frightened earlier because the Kraken was approaching…”

In one of the tentacles stretching out, there was the corpse of the Wyvern that had just been defeated. As soon as it was thrown from the tentacle, it was sucked into a huge mouth that appeared on the water’s surface where it was directed.

The next moment, the end of the railroad track was collapsed by the tentacles, blocking the way out of the bridge.

“Ain-sama, it looks like we need to take one more try.”

“Yes. The size of it is about the same as Chris-san said, so I think we can manage even without weapons.”

After all, it’s a battlefield problem.

“How do I attack it?”

“We have to cut off its outstretched tentacles. For example.”

The Kraken’s tentacles approached behind Ain.

“It’s… like this!”

The speed was unbelievable. There was a momentary glow that passed right by Ain’s face. When Ain turned around, he could see the tentacles that had already been thrust into him in several places.

“If we can’t handle it, it will attempt to sink the water train as well!”

As Chris said this, she snapped her wind-covered rapier to the side.

The Kraken’s tentacles were torn off, and they fell.

“If that’s the case, I’ll use the same method I used to defeat the Sea Dragon. But I have to try not to let that happen.”

Ain’s chest heaved uncomfortably. He managed to exchange words calmly, even if only on the surface.

Then Ain noticed a carriage stopping on a hillside ahead of them.


Sage is sitting on a chair, having deliberately prepared a fire. The way he watched them with a glass of wine or something in his hand made Ain feel very angry.

“That man has excellent taste, I must say.”

“He’s cunning and has the perfect personality to do evil.”

“Yeah… I think it’s also a good character to let the Kraken attack us here.”

“Well, I can still afford it.”

“Kuh… Geez, Ain-sama. Your face looks tired.”

“Chris-san is no different.”

They exchanged light words and turned their attention to the tentacles stretching out from under the bridge. In any case, he should have brought a bigger sword. He gripped his sword tightly while muttering in his mind.

“Shall I lend you my sword?”

A voice echoed in his head.

It was a man’s voice, a different voice from the one that said “don’t worry” the other day. It must have been Dullahan’s voice. But it didn’t sound evil. His voice was low, giving the impression of a calm, mature man.

The reason why he felt at ease with it was probably because it was just as Elder Lich had promised.

(But I’m not going to rely on you so easily!)

He replied without saying it aloud, and the presence of the voice disappeared.

“Chris-san! Let’s give it one last try!”


However, as soon as he put his energy into it, the direction of the sea shook greatly. He could tell that two creatures were swimming towards him.

“Could it be that there were three Kraken?”

“…Sage didn’t say there was one, though, did he?”

“Oh, so it’s possible.”

This is the worst thing that happened. He didn’t want to think about a few Krakens in a place where it’s hard to fight. Even though he didn’t want to think about it, he couldn’t stop the thought of sacrificing the people on the train from creeping into his mind.

He closed his lips tightly, wondering if he really had no choice but to rely on Dullahan’s power.

“There was no other way…”

Rather than doing nothing, he thought.

When Ain made up his mind and looked down at the tentacles that were supposed to be below him.


The tentacles were not attacking the bridge or the train but were wriggling in the water as if protecting their own body.

Chris followed the confused Ain, her eyes also turning black and white.

“Well, there’s something strange going on here.”

“I wonder what’s going on all of a sudden…”

It was a bit of a shock, but the reason soon became apparent. There was a shadow that jumped on the water like a dolphin.


The voice sounded familiar. It’s not just the voice. The shape was definitely that of the twins that were supposed to be in the royal capital, and then the other one jumped to the surface.

Could it be the twins that the Wyvern had been frightened of? It wasn’t so much how the twins had arrived as it was the state of the Kraken.

“Could it be that it is frightened of the little twins?”

“Yes… The Kraken is called the tyrant of the sea, but its only natural enemy is the Sea Dragon.”

“No, no, no! But they’re still little kids!”

Chris’s expression showed the only leeway.

“It’s okay. Those kids won’t have any problem with the Kraken. You’ve seen them before, haven’t you, Ain-sama? When you returned from the field trip, the Kraken could do nothing and turn into food.”

“I’ve seen it… but…”

That was only because it was an adult.

“Kyuu! Kyu!”


The twins’ eyes met Ain’s as he stood on the train’s roof.

The twins were adorable, swimming in circles in the water in delight at seeing their father after a long time. Ain couldn’t help but think that the Kraken’s frightened presence nearby was some kind of joke.

Before long, one of the Kraken’s tentacles was extended. The tentacle extended toward the twins, but the Kraken seemed to be desperately trying to resist.

Something had already drained its strength, and Ain sat down on the roof.

“Now I’m wondering what to do.”

“Let’s just wait and see, shall we? If it comes this way, we will just have to handle it until then.”

Chris then sat down next to Ain.


The older sister, Elle, swam vigorously around the tentacle, and the tentacle was easily severed.


Near the Kraken’s inarticulate scream, the twins chew on the newly severed tentacle with gusto.


This is terrible. Upon closer inspection, it appears that the water is rushing around the Kraken, making it impossible for it to escape from the vicinity of the twins.

“That’s the original ocean current?”

They can’t escape because the water flow is being manipulated.

“I’ve heard before that the Kraken population decreases when the Sea Dragons appear. According to one theory, they are the sea dragons’ favorite food above all else.”

“What a tyrant, though…”

The next thing he knew, the other tentacles had been severed and were already in the twins’ bellies.

It looks like it’s going to be okay, Ain thought and stood up.

“Let’s go get the culprit, shall we?”

When he said that, Chris nodded and ran.

“It was just as Krone had said.”

The day of their date in the port, she had mentioned that the twins might come to help him.

Ain laughed at the fact that it turned out to be true.

He looked up at the night sky, thinking of her waiting for him in the distant capital, and wondered if they would meet again soon.


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