Maseki Gurume – Vol 3 Chapter 7 Part 4

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Part 4


When Ain caught up with Chris, he was surprised to see the carriage lying on the hillside. Several of the squires and knights were already lying unconscious, and Sage was also not allowed to make the slightest resistance as Chris pointed her rapier at him.

The bonfire seemed to have gone out when Sage panicked or when Chris attacked, and there was only a thin cloud of smoke. Sage sat down on the sandy grass and turned his face away from Chris, who was giving him a stern look.

“…As expected.”

The way the Wyvern had been subdued in the blink of an eye made him laugh. Thinking back to the blow that destroyed Wyvern’s skull, he realized that Chris really was an amazing knight.

“Sage, we’re taking you to jail.”

“Me, a viscount? Are you taking me to jail? You’re joking, aren’t you?”

“I’m not joking about any of this. I’m taking you to the royal capital.”

“What about the charges? If you’re going to punish a nobleman, you have to have some say in the matter.”

The grass swayed in the wind, and the scent of earth rose in the air.

Sage smiled fearlessly and showed his confidence in the current situation.

“Who are you, anyway? A little guy who doesn’t even show his face.”

Even without his robe, Ain’s face was too dark for Sage’s eyes to see, probably because of the angle at which it was not illuminated by the starlight.

Chris was covered in blood from her fight with the Wyvern, and her hair was a mess. So he probably didn’t realize who Chris was.

After all, he had only seen her face for a moment or so.

When Ain walked up to him, the angle changed, and his face lit up in the starlight.

“You are a nobleman. Then you know my face, don’t you?”

Obviously, there was no such thing as a nobleman who didn’t know the crown prince’s face.

Sage opened and closed his mouth like a fish because of this fact.

“Answer me. Do you recognize my face or not?”


“There are many charges against you. You will have to speak about them all in the royal capital.”

There was nothing he could do but give up. Even if he couldn’t understand why the crown prince was here, he could understand why he had to give up.

When they saw him drooping, Ain and Chris were sure that the commotion was over.

“By the way, why did the guy who ordered you make you kidnap people?”

“──Because that’s what he wanted.”

“What he wanted?”

“I became his hand and kidnapped people. I was paid for that…”

Sage’s voice suddenly changed into a faltering tone.

“I was… I was, I was… G-guh…”

He suddenly begins to roll around on the ground in pain, and he struggles to catch his breath, scratching his throat.

In between breaths, his complexion turned a deep purple.

“Uguaaa… Aahh… help…”

In the end, he cries out to Ain for help, crying tears of blood. But before Ain could reach out to him, Sage died with his eyes wide open. What a horrible sight! Before he knew it, Sage’s followers were also dying.

“I suppose it’s like cutting off a lizard’s tail…”

Chris then sheathed her rapier.

“Let’s contact the nearest town. Both for these dead people and also for the collapsed bridge.”

She walked up to the stunned Ain and said softly. She gently took his hand and closed the distance as if to comfort him in his shock.

Don’t worry. I’m here with you. Even though she didn’t say it out loud, Ain felt as if she was saying it to him, and he gradually calmed down.




The sound of lively cries came from the nearby riverside.

“Ain-sama, they seem to be calling out to you! Called their father.”

“Yeah. It seems that they came all the way here to help us, so we should thank them.”

“Fufu, thank you for saving our lives.”

“But there’s one thing that’s bothering me.”

They walked together to the riverside, and Ain patted the twins on the head.

“I’m glad you guys are here. Did you come here because of the Kraken, your favorite food? Or did you come all this way purely because you sensed my presence?”



“Hey, don’t play dumb, answer me!”

“Pfft… Ain-sama, don’t get mad, okay? These twins are just like their father.”

“No, no, no! That means me, right?”

For whatever reason, the twins rushed in to save the day.

“Maybe they heard from someone else. Ain-sama will be home soon.”

“Even so, if that’s how they came here, it’s still amazing…”

Ain said and turned his eyes to the water. When he looked at the Kraken that was left behind, he reaffirmed that it was a one-sided battle.


In the end, Dill and Katima came rushing from the train, knowing that the commotion had been settled. It wasn’t a clear ending, but Ain and Chris secretly let out a laugh when they saw Katima unable to jump over the collapsed bridge.


◇ ◇ ◇


At the same time.

With a glass of bright red wine in his hand, he took pleasure in looking at the Red Fox’s magic stone on the table.

“Ah… Father. What a good day today is.”

He gulped down the wine with gusto.

“The man has borrowed my power, but he has done so in a low and shabby way. I was using him for my research, but he was blinded by his lust.”

He continued to rub his cheek against a magic stone.

“And I was able to let go of that filthy woman fox’s magic stone — what a day. The dignified and beautiful crown prince is also wonderful. Father, he is as beautiful as you are.”

Then he stuck out his tongue and licked the magic stone.

“I’m excited… this is so! It’s just like when I killed the woman fox that was next to you and then just like I bathed my whole body in some of your blood! That’s how happy I am!”

He rubbed his cheek, stretched his tongue, and sometimes smelled the scent of the magic stone.

“Haa… haa…”

The fire in his face, his heart rate, and a large amount of blood that had gathered in his lower body calmed down.

“Is this the good fortune you have bestowed upon me? My loving father!”

He continued theatrically.

“Ahh! I can’t stay like this! I can’t stop the boiling! The crown prince has tickled my thirst for knowledge! I want to see his face distorted! No, I can’t! It’s nothing short of blasphemy to point a distorted love… at a being as beautiful as that.”

He drank the rest of the wine from the bottle in one gulp. He breathed hard, ruffled his hair, and smiled with unfocused eyes.

Thump, thump.

There was a knock at the door of his room.

“Come in.”

Hearing his voice, quiet as if he had become a different person, the door opened quietly.

“Excuse me. The knight asked me if they could talk to you about the matter of the Tower of Wisdom; how should I do?”

“Please tell them that I will come to their quarters tomorrow. Tell them right now.”

The one who came bowed his head and said,

“I understand. If you’ll excuse me, Professor Oz.”


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