Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 6 Chapter 3 Part 4

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Part 4


January 14th, the 1024th year of the Imperial Calendar.

The Grantz Empire ― Beirut territory in the northwest of the western region.

The Grantz conquering army from the Six Kingdoms ― the main army ― still hadn’t made a move.

There were a few soldiers here and there who were drinking in the daytime. They had set up desks outside in the cold and were engrossed in gambling.

It was difficult to be vigilant when the people around them had already shown their intention to surrender and no orders had been given. In addition, the screams of women could be heard everywhere, as they were the spoils of war from the burning of rebellious villages and towns ― gifts from the western nobility who had shown their willingness to surrender.

The main camp of the Six Kingdoms is a whirlpool of various desires, but there is one place where the atmosphere is different.

It was the command center where the executive officers of the Six Kingdoms were gathered.

Of course, there is no one who is drunk. What permeates the air is a strict atmosphere.

There is a sharpness in the air that can burn the skin.

“To choose to surrender without a fight… Lord Kyrthia, a nobleman of the West, is shameful, isn’t it?”

The acting commander, Luca Mamon de Urpeth, spoke with a tone of mockery in her voice. In front of her, about a dozen western nobles hung their heads and prostrated themselves.

“How does it feel about going from being an absolute winner to a loser?”

The Grantz Empire used to boast of its great power, and its overwhelming power extended to the surrounding countries.

However, that was a thing of the past, and the western nobles of the Grantz Empire, which had been victorious in a series of battles, bowed their heads in unison. This foreshadows the end of an era.

“But we can’t just accept your surrender. Considering what you have done to us, you will have to pay a suitable punishment ― a reasonable sacrifice.”

The back of the western nobles trembled as they felt the clear murderous intent in the cruel words.

“If it is food, we will assist you. We have said that we will agree to all of your demands…” 

“That is not enough. There are many people who have died in this battle. They were supposed to eventually become the people of the Six Kingdoms and give their allegiance to the unified king. However, they died unexpectedly, and their relatives hold a great grudge against the Six Kingdoms.”

As Luca sighed in regret, Lord Kyrthia closed his mouth.

Luca was happy to see that reaction and spun her words as if she were playing with him.

“I want to nip the rebellion in the bud as much as possible when I think about what will happen when we annex. I want to soothe the anger of the people as much as possible.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Give one of your daughters, sons, or other blood relatives to the people. Then watch them being tortured and killed. Then the Fairy King, our King, will be rid of your evil thoughts.”

“T-there is no way I can do that!”

Luca gave Lord Kyrthia a frozen stare as she stood up in anger.

“You think you can remain unscathed at the expense of others, Lord Kyrthia?”

“That is why I surrendered! And you want me to kill my blood relatives?”

“Very well.”

Luca looked at her subordinates. A soldier who sensed her intentions suppressed the screaming Lord Kyrthia.

“Let me go! Are you going to violate those who have surrendered?”

“Shut up and die!”

Eagle slipped his sword into Lord Kyrthia’s neck with great force, seemingly annoyed.

Blood spurts out violently, instantly creating a pool of blood. A few western nobles sobbed as if they were nauseated by the rapid filling of the smell of iron rust.

The executives of the Six Kingdoms standing by the wall also had grim expressions on their faces, but they didn’t take any action and watched the situation in silence.

In the meantime, Eagle stomped on the head of Lord Kyrthia, who was lying on the ground.

“Sister… that’s enough. You’re wasting your time, you know?”

“I still wanted to play, but… You’re so impatient, Eagle.”

Luca sighed while shaking her head in exhaustion.

“If Lord Kyrthia had a daughter, she would be a comfort to the soldiers; if he had a son, he would be tortured and then beheaded. As for his wife and other relatives, we will leave them to his people. Let’s strip him naked and throw him out into the streets… If he truly ruled with his people in mind, they would take good care of him.”

“What if he didn’t?”

“In the absence of the lord, the city will be burned and looted for the injustice done to his people.”

In front of Luca, who was nonchalantly uttering cruel thoughts, the remaining western nobles had regret on their faces. Some of them even fainted from the extreme tension caused by the combination of cold and fear.

“Well, what about the rest of you? For my part, I’d like you to nod your head honestly… What do you need to be confused about? The sacrifice of just one person will protect your current position, right?”

There is no way they can say no to that. Even though they were not convinced, everyone had to show their approval.

People are creatures that fight to the end when cornered. However, if they have a way out, they will not choose to die. Moreover, the fact that only one person was sacrificed as an example had a psychological effect on them.

When their thinking ability was dulled, they had no choice but to take the sweet bait.

“So, the entertainment is over. The commander will be back soon. If you offend her, she’ll chop your head off immediately, so be careful with your attitude. Unlike me, she’s not gentle.”

Luca made a final gesture as though she were brushing off a dog with a sigh. She meant to say that she had no more use for them and that they should leave, but surprisingly it was her brother Eagle who stopped her.

He stepped forward and looked down at the western nobles with contempt in his eyes.

“Don’t you people have any pride as nobles? Even if your people are tortured, even if your friends die, even if your family is murdered, do you not even bother to dirty your clean hands?”

The words were harsh. It was harsh, so harsh that it shattered their self-esteem.

However, the western nobles just bowed their heads without saying anything. A few of them were still biting their lower lips in frustration and dripping blood.

In response, Eagle added a further provocation with a smile on his face.

“I’d like to know if you want to keep your current position even after being ridiculed like this and how attractive it is. From now on, no matter how proud you people are or how much you dignify the surrounding countries, you’re still losers, okay?”

He stomped on the head of the western noble and sometimes kicked them hard in the cheek, making him laugh loudly.

“Don’t forget that there’s a ring around your shabby neck. From today on, you are slaves of the Six Kingdoms. Don’t expect to be treated as human beings.”

“That’s enough.”

Luca scowled at his brother.

“But… sister, these people…”

“Step back now.”

She made him step back with a stern gaze, and she herself stood up and looked down at the western nobles.

“Those of you who have lost your pride, those of you whose fangs have rotted away, those of you who have become cats instead of lions, your sins are serious, but if you go down to the Six Kingdoms, you can assert yourselves like cats. Give thanks to the generous fairy king.”

She may be trying to use the whip and the candy, but it’s not going well because these siblings are too devilish at heart. Their true intentions are hidden in every word they say. The other members of the entourage were looking at the two of them with subtle expressions.

At that moment…

“Hahahahaha, the ungrateful siblings are as funny as ever.”

The sound of hurried footsteps with loud laughter came from outside. Everyone in the room turned their gaze to the entrance of the command center at once.

A beautiful woman was standing there with a halo on her back from the sunlight streaming in from outside. Everyone was taken aback by her unusual attire, which could be described as bizarre.

They threw rude glances at her, but she smiled more happily than angrily.

“I am Lucia Levia de Anguis.”

She is a woman who likes to stand out from the ordinary. She likes to act eccentric, wear flashy clothes, and behave roughly. But even so, her dignified demeanor, befitting a queen, fascinates all who see her.

“What’s the matter? Has my beauty blinded you?”

She became queen at a young age because of her father’s early death, but perhaps it was because she was a people-pleaser that she received the loyalty of her subjects, was popular with the soldiers and was fervently revered by the people of Anguis for her unparalleled military skills.

“I do apologize. It was so sudden…”

In response to Lucia’s point, Luca smiled and dropped to one knee.

When Eagle and the entourage all kneeled down at once, the western nobles also turned their bodies and bowed their heads. Lucia looked around contentedly and began to walk inside the tent.

“Umu, no need to be so tight.”

She sat down on the honorary seat and carelessly threw a box in her arms.

“A gift for you.”

Luca was the one who questioned this.

“Your Majesty Queen Lucia, with all due respect… it’s not for us, is it?”

Luca’s statement sounded brazen, but it was also a natural statement in the circumstances.

Strangely enough, the box was thrown down to the western nobles. There were an endless amount of questions as to why there were souvenirs for the western nobles who had chosen to surrender rather than achieve anything, but Lucia just smiled happily, as if she had no intention of answering.

“You’ll find out when you open it. As for me, I would love to have the western nobles open it.”

Lucia waved the tip of her iron fan at Seleucus, her aide at her side, and gave him instructions.

“Now, let him open it.”

She pointed to a western nobleman who was watching Lucia and the others with a suspicious look on his face.

“Ha, right away.”

Seleucus asked the guards to put the box in front of the nobleman.

“W-what do you want me to do with this?”

Lucia smiled coldly at the western nobleman who cast a frightened look at her.

“Open it.”

There was a gurgling sound. They could hear the western nobleman’s throat so clearly that a strange atmosphere prevailed in the command center.

“What are you doing? Why don’t you open it?”

Perhaps realizing that there was a hint of anger in the urging words, the western nobleman hurriedly put his hand on the box. He lifted his arms, trembling with fear, and opened the box hesitantly.

“Oh? Eh? Huh?”

A number of question marks emerged from the western nobleman. His eyes darted around as if he couldn’t understand, and he looked around as if he was asking someone for an answer.

Lucia began to laugh, holding her stomach at the sight of the ridiculousness of the situation.

“Hahahahahahaha! Good! That’s good! That’s a really great face!”

Tears welled up in her slitted eyes as she repeatedly slammed her iron fan against the armrest.

Luca, perhaps puzzled by this reaction, checked the contents of the box…

“Fu, fufufufu, I see… So that’s what it is; it’s terrible taste.”

She sighed in exasperation and shook her shoulders as if trying to hold in her laughter.

“It’s a masterpiece, isn’t it? Come on, Eagle, you can show it to the rest of the people.”

“What? Why do I have to…?”

“You’ll know it when you see it.”

Eagle approached the box, clicking his tongue at the mischievous glint in her eyes.

He looked down and saw an astonishing sight, and his mouth lifted up in the same way as the two wicked women.

“Hah, this is ridiculous!”

When Eagle kicked up the box, the contents rolled on the ground with a sound.

Everyone’s eyes widened.

Some held their mouths and turned their faces away, while others vomited on the spot, without shame or remorse. Others cried out in lamentation and shed large tears.

“Ohhhh… Your Highness Blutar! Your Highness Blutar!”

A western nobleman shouted and crawled out of the ground in a hapless state as if he had no strength in his legs and feet.

A head with a painfully twisted expression was lying on the ground in front of his gaze.

It was the head of the third prince Blutar.


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