Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 6 Chapter 3 Part 5

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Part 5


“Oh, oh… W-why did he end up like this…”

The western nobleman hugged the head of the third prince Blutar and glared angrily at the Six Kingdoms group. The others were stunned in disbelief, their mouths half open as they gazed at each other, but no one said a word.

“It was an order from our home country. Those related to the Grantz family are to be killed without mercy, including women and children. The same thing was done to the Six Kingdoms by you, so I guess it’s karma, right?”

Lucia, who had her arm resting on the armrest, turned serious as if satisfied with her laughter.

“Don’t worry. You’ll soon follow in the path of the third prince Blutar.”

When Lucia snapped her fingers, armed soldiers came rushing in from the entrance.

“Y-you people! This is not what you promised!”

A series of screams came from behind the glum western nobles.”

“You cowards! To do this to an unarmed opponent ― Guh!?”

An axe is swung down mercilessly, and the brain fluid splashes. Some of them tried desperately to resist the attack, but without a sword, they were powerless.

No ― they would only suffer longer if they were using swords.

“Think it over. The only thing that awaits us is betrayal when we welcome you, the greedy ones, into our camp.”

Lucia said, but she didn’t give them time to think it over.

A sharp, well-honed blade mercilessly pierced their hearts from behind.

“I’ll make sure to write a report, saying you were killed in action. That way, your honor will be protected. Be thankful that a pest like you can die with the honor of your nation.”

While Lucia muttered calmly, one by one, the western nobles fell to the ground under the deadly blade. They collapsed while shouting curses. The western nobleman who was holding the head of the third prince Blutar also died of heartbreak as his neck was chopped off. In the blink of an eye, the command center became a sea of blood, and a strange smell dominated the space.

None of the soldiers who had created this horrible situation had not been bathed in blood. However, they didn’t seem to be frightened, and their expressions didn’t even move slightly.

They simply created a horrific scene with their vacant eyes.

Blood sprinkled from the swords in the hands of the soldiers whose armor was dyed reddish-black.

Even when their targets were all dead, their insane and abnormal behavior did not end.


Suddenly, they let out a yell and thrust their swords into the corpses one after another. They began to attack relentlessly, even though the victims were already dead. With grudge-like malice on their faces, they were cutting up the corpses of western nobles. Some of them even began to feed on the corpses while shedding tears of blood.

Even Lucia couldn’t help but frown at this.

“Enough! That’s enough!”

With Lucia’s angry voice, a loud sound rang out. The iron fan was snapped off when she slammed it against the armrest. The empty eyes of the soldiers reacted to the sound and turned on her all at once, but Lucia glared back at them without fear and quietly opened her mouth.

“They’re already dead. There is no need for more.”

Lucia turned her face down and put her hand on her forehead as if she were trying to hold back a headache.

“Thanks for your efforts. You can go now, someone, bring the western nobles who are waiting outside here.

Lucia pointed her iron fan at the entrance and urged the soldiers to leave.

In the midst of the sound of metal clanging together…

“Your Majesty Queen Lucia, can you explain this situation?”

Luca, who had been looking at the brutal situation that could be called a massacre, walked up to Lucia. The cold look in her eyes was slightly reproachful.

“Hmm…? Yes, of course, because you don’t seem to be satisfied.”

A wry smile appeared on Lucia’s face as she held an iron fan to her mouth to catch her breath.

“Do you recognize any of the soldiers from earlier?”

“No, are they an elite guard or something? It’s not a very tasteful choice for that, but… In the first place, we do not belong to Your Majesty Queen Lucia’s country, so there is no way we can know what kind of troops they are.”

The sarcasm that confronts the obvious fact, while answering at least in part, is the nature of the Urpeth royal family. They pretend to be intuitive in order to induce you to let your guard down, but at heart, they are a cunning and unusual royal family that takes supreme pleasure in kicking others down. The flag they display is the fox, and they are also known as the land of greed.

“They’ve just been established, and I call them the Ghost Corps.”

“Their eyes were indeed all dead, but… was there no other name?”

“Because they were as good as dead.”

They had lost relatives in the wars waged by the Grantz Empire. They had all been subjected to unspeakable cruelty by the Grantz soldiers. They can’t bear the reality of what happened before their eyes and are despairing of the world. They are wandering around in this world with indelible scars in their minds and bodies just to take revenge.

“So, that’s why it’s the Ghost Corps… huh? Exploiting the passions of these people who are consumed by grief is not something I would call noble, you know.”

“I’m not exploiting them. I gave them a purpose in life. But if you say so, does that mean you can handle them better than me?”

“Yes… I would ease them after giving them the same despair.”

Luca said with a smile on her face; she was truly enjoying herself. What swirled in her eyes was a frenzy.

“The pain-twisted face and hatred-infused eyes will surely have an irreplaceable beauty ― oh, but it will be fun to feed and keep such people.”

Lucia raises her eyebrows uncomfortably, wondering who has the more twisted taste.

Then Eagle looked at the two of them with a dumbfounded look.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation, but… I’ve brought in the western nobles who were waiting outside.”

He walked in front of them, grabbing the hair of one of the western nobles. He’s as vicious as his sister in that he makes them step on the corpses of their friends.

Behind him were about seven noblemen with their arms bound and following him.

“Here, it’s your beloved lord!”

Eagle made the western nobles sit down in front of the carelessly rolling head ― the changed figure of the third prince Blutar.”


“Hey, hey, look at it properly. Can you make sure it’s him?”

Eagle slapped the cheek of the western nobleman, who turned his face away and refused.

“Remember that if you go against the Six Kingdoms, this is what happens. It’s not just you, but your family as well.”

“That’s enough of that, Eagle. Unlike the previous western nobles, they are the people that the Six Kingdoms need. Threatening them unnecessarily will make it harder to do so later on.”

After slamming her iron fan into her hand, Lucia stood up and walked over to the western nobles.

“I plan to cut off the heads of all the members of the Grantz Imperial family, whom you worship. Those of you who are not prepared to accept this, you may offer your heads here and die.”

Lucia said in an especially gentle voice.

“If you do not want to die, follow the Six Kingdoms. Those who lie there are all incompetent, and we have disposed of them, but we value your abilities so much that we won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

Her gentle smile was full of compassion as if she were a mother telling her child. However, in this reddish world, it is more like the smile of a demon than an angel.

In fact, the western nobles were gnashing their teeth. It may have been because of the cold, but fear naturally made their bodies shake more.

Eventually, with twitching faces, the western nobles began to bow their heads as if to show their vassalage.

“That’s honest and flattering. Then there is nothing for me to say. We’ll return you to your home safely.”

The bewildered western nobles were taken out, unable to grasp the situation as the punishment was decided so easily. Lucia watched in silence, but then she noticed the figure of a messenger who had come in to replace them.

“Your Majesty Queen Lucia… I have a report for you.”

“What is it?”

As Lucia tilted her head, the messenger put his mouth close to her ear. After muttering a few words, he handed her the letter and quietly left the room. Behind her, Luca looked away quizzically and walked up to her.

“What happened?”

“Umu ― I’d like to talk to you about it, but… everyone else should leave this place first.”

“Me too?”

“No, you can stay, Eagle.”

With Lucia’s instructions, the entourage obediently followed her lead and headed outside the command center.

After a while, there was only a pile of dead bodies and the three of them inside the room.

“It seems that the descendant of the God of War has begun to move. He moved with 20,000 soldiers, and they didn’t intend to take things seriously, but… how much should I believe this letter? This insider is not exactly trustworthy.”

Lucia, who was reading the letter, said, and the Urpeth siblings looked surprised. In response, Lucia cleared her throat in delight.

“Whatever his intentions, it seems that what he wanted came all the way from there.”

“Give me 30,000. I will get his head.”

Eagle pressed Lucia, but she shook her head without a hint of hesitation.

“I won’t accept that.”

“Why not?”

Eagle glared at her angrily, but surprisingly, the rebuttal came from next to him.

“You’re not strong enough.”


Eagle looked at Luca with surprised eyes, perhaps not expecting to receive a scathing rebuke from his sister. It was a harsh word, but Lucia agreed with it.

“You can’t defeat him with half-hearted strength. Even if you can beat him, if he escapes, there is no way you can chase him. We do not yet have complete control of the west. We have to be mindful to lure him deeper―…”

Suddenly, Lucia stopped speaking and looked at the ground to see a rolling head.

A masterpiece of a plan came to her mind.

In the bloody landscape, Lucia makes a vicious expression as if she has come up with a devious plan.

“Did you come up with a better plan with that face?”

Lucia nodded deeply at Luca’s point and unfolded her iron fan to cover her mouth.

“I’ve come up with a very amusing plan.”


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