Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 6 Chapter 5 Part 6

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Part 6


At that moment, the battlefield fell silent, as if the sound had disappeared from the world.

As if they forgot even to breathe, the soldiers looked at only the “Black Dragon Crest Flag” in a daze.

“Eh ― hey, what…?”

The beginning was abrupt.

One soldier collapsed without any notice as if his back was shattered. Two soldiers fell, five fell, six fell, ten fell, eleven fell, twenty fell. It all happened in the blink of an eye, and yet the number of casualties was visibly increasing. Without understanding, the soldiers were dragged into the darkness.

“Hyii, hyiiaaaaaah!”

The panic and the mental breakdown of the soldiers were simultaneous.

Everyone threw down their weapons and ran for their lives. They were unaware of where to run.

One after another, the soldiers of the Six Kingdoms fell to the ground while they were lost.

Soldiers who had prayed to the Gods with their backs to the ground had their throats ripped out. Those who turned their backs and fled were mercilessly pierced through the heart. Those who dared to stand up to it were mercilessly beheaded.

“The Black Raven. The one who heralds the end will appear.”

As the silvery glow passed over the necks of the Six Kingdoms soldiers, fresh blood spurted from their necks.

One, three, eight, fourteen spirit weapons floating in space disappear at an alarming rate. Only the sound of the air being cut through propagated in the battlefield where the one-sided slaughter occurred.

The white flashes cut through the screaming soldiers, drowning out even their moans.

The fierce slashes did not stop but accelerated further.

It was a “privilege” and a “divine speed” allowed to those who possessed the “Heavenly Emperor.”


――Divine flash of lightning.


The heavens fall, and the world turns silvery white.

Everything in sight was dyed white with a light intensity that burned out the eyeballs.

Eventually, when the ground was filled with corpses, no one left could speak in vain. The ground was blackened by the blood of the dead as if a cloud had covered the sun.

In the midst of this hellish situation, swimming gracefully in the center of it is the “Black Dragon’s Banner.”

“…I guess this is it.”

Hiro stopped quietly under the flag, which was surrounded by dead bodies. However, the enemy soldiers who were watching Hiro from afar closed the distance with their weapons at the ready.

Their eyes were filled with blatant fear. But even so, none of them are running away, as if they are trying their best to keep their spirits up.

“It’s very impressive; I’ll give you that.”

Between the two staring at each other, a bright sound of voice poured out of place.

The crowd of soldiers that filled Hiro’s eyes split in two like a wave breaking.

A woman walked from the center of the crowd, clapping her hands.

“You’re a wonderful man, not even hiding your power.”

Her skin is as smooth and white as glass. Her eyes, as clear as amber, have the coldness of red copper in them, and her long, slit eyes give the impression of sharp blades. Still, this does not diminish her charm, and her fine features with an interesting character will make anyone who sees her sigh in admiration. However, what makes her appearance stand out is the fact that she is wearing an eccentric and flashy kimono that is not appropriate for the horrific battlefield.

It’s a look that would normally be considered insane. She was not wearing armor, which is a way to protect herself from threats such as arrows and swords. Her body was so thin that it would likely break if struck, and a normal person would mistake her for a noblewoman who had wandered into a battlefield.

(It means that she possesses some kind of power…)

Hiro let out a sigh of relief that he had finally met someone he really desired.

“I am Lucia Levia de Anguis.”

She proudly announced her name and pointed her iron fan at Hiro.

She then smiled a bewitching smile, like a snake seducing a human.

“You must be Hiro… the descendant of the “God of War,” right?”

The word “majestic” suits her well. Even in the face of Hiro’s supremacy, she didn’t choke on her words but rather looked calm and smiled fearlessly.

“Yeah ― I’m Hiro Schwartz von Grantz.”

“I wanted to meet you… I really, really wanted to meet you.”

She moistened her lips with her tongue and smiled lustfully, her face as sinister as a snake that has found its prey.

“I’m glad to hear that. Coincidentally, I’ve been wanting to meet you, too.”

“I feel a twinge of dread. Your deadly eyes make me want to cry.”

She hugged her body happily, her cheeks flushed, and Lucia breathed hard.

“If I had a woman as beautiful as you staring at me, I wouldn’t be able to move either.”

“Is it like a snake and frog? You don’t seem like the kind of guy who would do something that encouraging.”

Their words were strangely empty, and their gazes crossed in an eerie, gut-wrenching way.

“However, you cut down Lord Kyrthia’s son without hesitation, didn’t you?”

“…..Whatever the reason. I won’t let anyone who commits betrayal to get away.”

“Hmm. The report said you were ruthless, and that’s exactly what you are.”

“According to his claims, he put his people first, not his family. I would have let him live, but I could see in his eyes that he was lying.”

He had the eyes of a man on the verge of self-preservation. He never acted with the people’s best interest in mind. There is no reason to keep such a man alive, and if considering the future, it would be better for the world if he were beheaded there.

“Despite all your pretty words, what you’re doing is relentless.”

“I don’t want any regrets.”

“You’re a graceful man. I don’t hate men who make quick decisions like that, you know?”

Lucia threw a licking glance at Hiro as if she was judging him. Hiro felt a chill run down his spine, and Lucia seemed to have noticed this and cleared her throat happily.

“Do you remember the Master?”

Hiro shook his shoulders.

How could he forget? He was one of the people who had been good to him a thousand years ago. He was like a grandfather to Hiro, who had just been summoned to this world and had taught him many things.

Above all, the “Master” is one of the “Five Generals of the Black Sky.” Even if he wanted to forget, there was no way he could.

Hiro frowned at the strange question. Lucia saw his reaction and laughed in amusement.

“Really, only a few people who know the “God of War’s”… old Master.”

“Then what will you do?”

“Will you come with me?”

Hiro was at a loss to reply to the unexpected words that were thrown at him.

It was unknown what Lucia thought of Hiro’s attitude, but she held out her hand with a calm expression.

“You must know about this, don’t you? You know the truth behind the founding of the Six Kingdoms. I believe that you are on our side, as you should be.”

“What if I say no?”

“I’ll take your head. I feel bad for my ancestors, but I can’t help it.”

She answered immediately. There was not a hint of hesitation.

“Then there is no choice but to fight. I will never abandon the Grantz.”

Hiro smiled sadly and held up the “Heavenly Emperor.”

As if to respect his intentions, Lucia also replied in a sincere voice.

“…I apologize for asking such a trivial question. I hope you will forgive me.”

She turned her eyes down, as if ashamed of herself, and spread her iron fan to cover her mouth.

“So there’s no need for further questions and answers, is there?”

“Yes, you are right. Let’s begin…”

“Show me your last effort against thirty thousand. Then, you may disperse in splendor as the God of War.”

As Lucia pointed her iron fan at Hiro with great force, two figures jumped out from behind her.

“Hey, hey, Queen Lucia! It’s not too late to call us!”

“Eagle, I’ll be sure to crush your tongue. I’ll make your impudent mouth shut.”

“Heh… What is this, so suddenly.”

It was a strange pair of men and women who jumped on Hiro.

Hiro instantly judged that they were skilled, and from the start, he did his best to intercept them.

“Haha, you little shit! You won’t be able to withstand my attack!”

“You’re so noisy.”

The “Heavenly Emperor” that was raised above his head caught the man’s weapon, and a powerful force was transmitted to him.

The ground could not withstand it, and it caved in violently as if it had been crushed.

Hiro leaped backward to gain distance as a cloud of dust rose.

“Ara, too bad it’s a dead end.”

Hearing a voice behind him, Hiro switched the “Heavenly Emperor” from his right hand to his left through his back.

He then held it vertically and defended himself with his right hand on the blade, barely blocking the oncoming attack.

However, he could not kill the impact, and Hiro rolled on the ground.

The two men and women in front of Hiro, who stood up instantly, were leisurely holding their weapons.

“Luca Mamon de Urpeth. Please make your acquaintance.”

Although she politely bent down to greet him, he could see that she was somewhat scandalous and had an insidious personality.

In addition, despite her slender body, the weapon she used was a large hammer.

“Eagle de Urpeth. That is the name of the one who will kill you!”

The man had short hair and a neat face. However, his unconcealed arrogance gives him a sense of intimidation. On his shoulder was a three-section club that emitted strange particles.

However, what is clear is that both of them are clad in the supreme energy that only the strongest of warriors have.

“Hiro Schwartz von Grantz.”

Hiro kicked the earth and started running.

First of all, he waved the “Heavenly Emperor” lightly to measure the strength of his opponent.

“Hah, you’re too slow!”

Three-section club wriggled like a living creature, clacking its joints and flicking back the “Heavenly Emperor.”

A large hammer flies from the side, roaring the air. Hiro rolled up the dust with his foot, ensured that the hammer’s trajectory had deviated, and thrust the “Heavenly Emperor” into the dust with great force.

A dull sensation came back to him, indicating that his opponent blocked him. Hiro twisted his body around his right leg on the spot and slammed his left heel into Eagle’s cheek.


After glancing at Eagle as he rolled on the ground, he stepped forward and unleashed a palm strike.


He threw it at Luca’s jaw, causing her to back away as she stomped her foot bellows.

He struck it with the intention of breaking her jaw, but her physical structure was sturdier than he thought.

“…Is that the World’s Five Greatest Treasured Swords?”

Hiro doesn’t remember what weapons the two of them are carrying, but if they can keep up with Hiro’s attacks, they must be the World’s Five Greatest Treasured Swords, which are the same as the “Heavenly Emperor.” If they were a pure demon race like Ghada, they would not be limited to that, but if they were from the Six Kingdoms, they would most likely be the equivalent of a human race with their mixed blood.

“You know very well. As you said, this is the Five Destructive Holy Principle Swords ― the Vajra Mallet. By the way, the three-section club that Eagle has is also the same and is called the “Holy Destroyer Club.”


[T/n: I don’t know why they called these weapons as swords when one is a mallet and the other is a club, but I may be mistaken the name for these too :D]


The Five Destructive Holy Principle Swords.

It’s the five treasured swords that were refined when the “Human Race” and the “Long-Ear Race” were in a cooperative relationship.

However, they were created not by the Spirit King but by the Fairy King.

The spirits of those who have been converted into fairies are contained in the holy principle swords, and just like the Five Emperors of the Spirit Swords, they have a will of their own. Compared to the other five treasured swords in the world, there are no restrictions on the owner’s choice, and if they like the sword, it will appear in their dreams and give them the weapon with immense power.

(I guess I should have asked for more details.)

A thousand years ago, Hiro had only met the holder of the Five Destructive Holy Principle Swords ― the one chosen by the Pure Phantom Mist. In those days, the holders of the World’s Five Greatest Treasured Swords would have been dispatched to various parts of the world to stop the “Demon Race” invasion. By the end of the war, the Human Race and the Long-Ear Race became enemies and never made contact again.

“So, your weapon is also the World’s Five Greatest Treasures Sword?”

Luca tilted her head and asked. Eagle looked at the Black Princess Camellia, but he didn’t need to ask; he just glared at Hiro.

Hiro decided that there was no need to hide anymore. His time for deceiving people was over.

No ― he had to let them know for the sake of his future plans.

“It’s one of the Five Emperors of the Spirit Swords, the Heavenly Emperor.”


The one who was surprised was the person behind the Urpeth siblings, Lucia.

She covered her mouth with her hand as if ashamed of herself for trembling with astonishment.

“They say that no matter how many enemies you slaughter, your sword will never be stained with blood.”

A beautiful, shining silver sword is a sign of a hero.

This is the royal sword that saved a country from destruction and conquered the surrounding countries.

“The undefeated sword that swung by the twin black king who controls heaven, earth, and people, and will surely bring victory.”

The legendary sword was buried in the long history of the world and is now called the lost sword.

“Fufufu, I knew it was suspicious, but… this gives me the confidence to win.”

Hiro could see Lucia giving Eagle a look.

Before he could find out what she was planning, Luca was approaching right in front of him.


“Let me see that power! The power that the hero king used!”

The large mallet ― Vajra ― comes at him with a roar of the wind. Hiro repelled it but felt a strange sensation in his hand. But before he could be sure, Eagle rushed at him.

“Hah, it will be hard when there are two people who possess the Five Destructive Holy Principle Swords against you, won’t it?”

The three-section club moved erratically and caught Hiro in the cheek.

“Unfortunately, I can see you.”

He avoided the attack and drove his fist into Eagle’s nose. He rolled around on the ground several times and was blown away but stopped forcibly by flexing his arms and standing up.

For some reason, his expression was tinged with rage.

“Why did you only use your fists from the beginning? Get serious!”

“I’m just playing, you know.”

The air froze when he said it clearly, and Hiro tilted his head, shaking his shoulders.

“I’ve got a question for you.”


“Why should I use all my strength to kill just one ant?”

Blankness, silence, stillness, closure. There was an inexpressible silence that coiled between them.

“Hah, Hyaa!”

Eagle’s face turned creepy.

“Hihihahahahaha! You bastard!”

It was not a simple matter of killing. Eagle’s clear intent to kill exploded.

In contrast, Hiro narrowed his eyes calmly and then smiled provocatively.

“I’m sorry, your words are terribly difficult to hear.”

“I’ll kill you!”

The distance between the two was reduced in an instant, and Eagle came right up to Hiro’s nose. He bent down to avoid a blow aimed at the back of his head. Eagle, who deliberately lost his stance, swung his toe toward Hiro’s left eye with great force while his hand held down the left knee that was immediately thrown at his face.

Hiro slammed his fist into the ground, forcing his body to twist. In a brief moment of successful evasion, he saw Luca swing her Vajra down from the edge of his vision.

Hiro tried to kick Luca’s ankle, but the Black Princess Camellia took a defensive reaction before he could. This turned Hiro’s attention to Eagle only. At the same time, “Vajra” and “Black Princess Camellia” clashed violently.

A large amount of dust flew up due to the violent shocks caused by the battle between the three.

The sound of fierce sword fights rang out, and sparks bloomed and then scattered. This was repeated over and over again.

At the end of the fierce battle, two shadows emerged from the dust.

They were Luca and Eagle. Both of them had scratches all over their bodies, and they were breathing on their shoulders, staring at the beast lurking in the dust.

Eventually, when the dust cloud is blown away by the wind, Hiro appears, standing unharmed.

“Huh… Are you done?”

Hiro smiled, though he was breathing a little harder.

The Urpeth siblings purse their lips in frustration as the overwhelming martial prowess is shown.

“Against the two of us… you monster… are you really a human?”

To Hiro, who could not get even a single attack hit him, Luca’s eyes fluttered as if he could not hide her surprise.

Whenever he hunted down an enemy… he would always get the same line.

Hiro’s really annoyed with it, and he let out a sigh of disgust.

“…Of course, I’m just a slightly more sturdy person.”

A thousand years ago, he set it upon himself that he should work harder than anyone else. There were people he wanted to protect, so he spent all his time training, even to the point of death. He struggled to become stronger and gain more power.

The fact that he obtained the Black Princess Camellia and the Dark Emperor was part of that process, not because he used foul techniques. It’s the result of trying to be stronger than everyone else that connects to what he is today.

“But I always failed to make it in time. I always lose something important.”

While muttering in an indifferent tone of voice, Hiro smiled miserably.

“Hey… tell me, when will my heart be full?”

They knew that Hiro was not looking for an answer.

However, they were confused by the sudden question, and more importantly, the Urpeth siblings were completely delayed in their initial response to the sudden change in atmosphere.

Hiro, clad in madness and with the agility of a beast, attacked the Urpeth siblings.


A strong blow to the cheek and blood spewed from Eagle’s mouth.

As his white teeth bounce off the ground, Luca tries to fight back, but a fierce kick hits her in the abdomen.


Luca held her stomach and tried to kneel on the ground. But Hiro’s clutch on her chest pulled her to him and slammed her back down to the ground without pausing for breath.


With his left hand on her thin neck, Hiro dexterously rotated the hilt of the “Heavenly Emperor” in his right hand and swung it backward with great force into Luca’s chest. However, the blade bounced off the ground in the middle of the swing, and the trajectory deviated so that the “Heavenly Emperor” was thrust into the ground, only giving a small cut on Luca’s cheek.

The one that interferes is the three-section club that extends from the side ― the Holy Destroyer Club.

“I won’t let you touch my sister!”

Hiro kicked the ground and jumped backward, putting all the strength in his legs. The Urpeth siblings are also more cautious now that they are outmatched and move away from him to start over.


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