Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 6 Chapter 5 Part 7

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Part 7


“…You have no one on your side. How long are you going to fight?”

Eagle said as he wiped away the blood dripping from the edge of his mouth. Next to him, Luca is catching her breath and only gives Hiro a resentful glare.


He looked around but could not see any of his allies.

All that surrounded Hiro were enemy soldiers with spears, swords, and bows at the ready. Even the soldiers on his side, who were desperately resisting, had been defeated or had lost their vigour. In the first place, due to the betrayal of the western nobleman Kyrthia, it is as if there were no allies from the beginning.

But that doesn’t mean…

“It would be wrong if I gave up.”

In a desperate situation, a normal person would have given up and prepared for death. However, Hiro was not equipped with the soft feeling of being frightened.

“Why are you being so relaxed…? Do you think you have a way to escape from this deadly place?”

Eagle was unhappy with Hiro’s attitude; he didn’t even try to hide his annoyance and distorted his eyes.

Victory or defeat has been decided. There was no power left in the Grantz Army that could reverse this situation.

Even so, even in a situation where he is under siege from all sides, Hiro’s calm and composed stance makes him unable to shake off his anxiety, and Eagle’s sharp eyes were shaken with agitation.

(A little more… I think I need to show a few more gaps.)

Hiro loosened his collar and let out a breath. He had been purposely provocative in order to prevent people from realizing his purpose, but he was now in the finishing stages.

“It’s not a problem if I just want to escape. I alone should be enough, you know?”

Hiro took a step backward and glanced behind him to check the situation.

“I won’t let you escape!”

Eagle rushed in with a blue vein on his forehead.

Hiro provoked him repeatedly, and if he showed an intent to escape, Eagle would launch a desperate attack.

Hiro looked at his left hand as he accepted the heavy blow that resonated in his guts.

――A blue crystalline stone.

The crystal, which bathes in sunlight and spills blue skylight, is a mass of principle power.

It is also known as a principle stone, and it contains the miraculous power that is characteristic of the Long-Ear Race.

If the magic stones that the Demon Race carried on their bodies are the power of domination, the principle stones that the Long-Ear Race carried on their bodies are the power of healing. In fact, the small wounds on Eagle’s body have already been healed.

However, he does not have the pure bloodline of the Long-Ear Race. However, since the Krim region where the Six Kingdoms are located was originally home to many Long-Ear Race, their blood must have flowed deeply in Eagle’s veins. This was also true of his sister.

“Eagle, I have kept you waiting. Let’s crush this guy right here.”

As Hiro dealt with Eagle’s attack, Luca jumped when there was a gap between them, swinging her big hammer. There was no scar on her but beautiful white skin that radiated luster.

A violent quake ― the Vajra shattered the ground.

A cloud of dust obscures her figure as she is caught up in a violent gust of wind, but it is clear that Luca has healed her wounds with the principle stone.

“That’s good. That is as expected of the holder of the Five Destructive Holy Principle Swords. It wouldn’t be fun if you died easily.”

“You’ve been so noisy for a while now ― can you just shut up, you little shit!”

Eagle couldn’t even give him a single blow. Not even a single blow landed. So it’s no wonder he’s so frustrated.

(Now, let’s get to work.)

Hiro shook off the dust with one hand, dived into Eagle’s chest, and held the “Heavenly Emperor” at the underside.

It’s a distance that will certainly reap a life, and when he showed an opening, Eagle’s face twisted pathetically.

He didn’t want to die, and his expression was like he wanted to say something, and he looked at his sister as if he was about to cry.


When he heard Luca’s stopping voice…


A small, light sound is heard.


“Heh, ah, eh?”

Eagle made a dumbfounded sound.

He must have noticed the lack of pain ― the chain around his neck. He put his hand on his slightly reddened forehead, keeping his eyes open.

“Are you really prepared to die?”

Hiro said with a heartfelt joy in his voice. His left hand was making a gesture of curling his middle finger inwards.

Even though he could have certainly killed him, Hiro only struck a blow with his finger on Eagle’s forehead.

“Wha… what is that?”

“That’s why I told you so.”

Hiro smiles provocatively and arrogantly.

“――I’m just playing.”

“Hihi―… hihihahahahaha!”

Eagle’s voice twitched, and he opened his eyes. The unbearable shame completely broke his heart.


Eagle’s principle stone was swollen with rage and shone with a flash of dazzling brilliance in response.

Hiro narrowed his eyes and watched the scene.

“At last…”

A considerable amount of power that could make the atmosphere swirl was about to overflow from the principle stone.

“Sister! Please take care of the rest!”

Eagle shouted and turned his gaze to Lucia, who was standing still.

“You should not break your word!”

As soon as he said that, he recklessly charged at Hiro.

The three-section club drew an irregular trajectory and aimed at Hiro’s head. Hiro twisted his head to avoid the first blow and blocked the second blow with the hilt of the “Heavenly Emperor,” but the momentum of the impact caused the chain of the connecting part to wrap around his arm. His right arm was bound as if it were caught in a vise, and Hiro was pulled with tremendous force.

At that moment, Hiro let go of the “Heavenly Emperor” from his right hand, handed it to his left hand, and thrust the tip of his sword vigorously toward Eagle. However, the blade aimed at his neck only ended up slicing through the skin of his left cheek. As he dodged, a look of joy appeared on Eagle’s face.

At the same time, a hidden blade shaped like a sickle comes out of the club he’s clutching.

“I got you, you little shit!”

He kicked up the ground and unleashed a strike with all his might.

Hiro clicks his tongue. His right arm is restrained, and he can’t get any distance. If there was no time to avoid it, it was only natural that the Black Princess Camellia would react to her Lord’s crisis, and just as the blade was about to pierce his neck, the black robe entangled and stopped it. It only took a moment, but Eagle stopped moving in shock.

A really short blink of an eye ― but it’s a deadly moment.

“You shouldn’t let an opening go by.”

There was no way that Hiro would let such an opening go by, and the “Heavenly Emperor’s” blade mercilessly pierced through Eagle.

Eagles’ left arm flew up into the air, staining the sky red.

“And then what?”

With a devilish look on his face, Eagle pulled Hiro in with only the strength of his right arm and head-butted him.

The collision between their foreheads caused Hiro’s vision to waver.

However, Hiro wasn’t going to be beaten silently.


The “Heavenly Emperor” was pierced deeply into Eagle’s side.

“You little shiiiitt!”

The intense pain contorted his face, but he fought back with the expression of a young man. The blade that pierced his own side was of no concern to him. With his undiminished strength, the three-section club caught Hiro in the face. Hiro didn’t even show any sign of avoiding it and left his partner, the Black Princess Camellia, to defend him.

“I knew it. I knew that the Black Princess Camellia would get in the way!”

It was as if he had been waiting for the Black Princess Camellia to make a move, and he opened his mouth wide with a glint in his eye.

“Give me back my left arm!”

He threw away the “Holy Destroyer Club” and hit Hiro, who fell to the ground and got on his stomach. At the same time, his left arm came swinging from the sky.

“I’ll give it to you. Eat this!”

With his left arm still bleeding profusely from the cut surface, Eagle slammed it into the Black Princess Camellia.


――It was then that something strange happened.


The Black Princess Camellia stopped moving, and the black robe flowed down to the ground.

“Looks like the lore was true, huh?”

Eagle’s fist slammed into Hiro’s face.

“Hah, if it’s made of “that,” as the lore says, it can be sealed with a principle stone!”

His right fist swung down again and again. Hiro accepted the impact while still in the “大” position.

“I’ll torture you to death like this! I’ll clear up the humiliation――!?”

Eagle suddenly stops moving. His body stiffened like a frog stared at by a snake.

The moment he swung his fist down, he “saw” it.

He can see the evil smile and the eyes of the abyss that swallow up everything.

“That’s the extent of it, huh? Disappointing!”


A single blow, a fist filled with unusual power, was released by Hiro.

Eagle’s huge, well-trained body flew through the air, but he twisted his body dexterously to adjust his stance and landed cleanly. However, he immediately collapsed to the side, agitated by the wind.

It was no wonder. It was strange how he was able to stay conscious.

A large amount of blood was gushing out from his left shoulder due to the loss of his arm, and fresh blood was pouring out of his side at an unstoppable rate. Even so, he was determined to keep fighting.

“Eagle, you need to rest. I’ll take care of the rest.”

The “Vajra,” a large hammer disproportionate to Luca’s slender form, was slammed into the ground. And then, lifting the huge weapon lightly, Luca kicked down the distance in an instant. Hiro stepped forward to take evasive action, but

“…Can you hold it down this far?”

He didn’t move. No, he could not move.

There was no response from the Black Princess Camellia. She was completely silent. The next thing that happened was that a fierce blow pierced through Hiro’s body.


Hiro couldn’t even kill the impact and was slammed into the ground. He tried to stand up immediately, but his body was as heavy as steel.

“The Black Princess Camellia has taken in my beloved brother’s principle stone. If you don’t break your vow with the Black Princess Camellia, it will affect you, the contractor, as well. Well, all you have to do is break the vow… but it’s not that easy to break it, is it?”


“What’s so funny?”

“No, I think we’re finally even now.”

When Hiro turned his gaze upwards, he saw Luca’s mouth twitching.

“What a joke!”

Hiro was kicked in the stomach and rolled around on the ground. Luca was right in front of him as he used his momentum to sit on the ground.

“Die ― leave only your head and spill your guts!”

Her eyes were filled with joy as she imagined the tragedy to come.

The “Vajra” was swung at Hiro’s head.

Immediately, Hiro turned around, but he could not avoid it.

He heard the sound of something being torn apart. There was a surge of pain as if his own body was being torn apart.

Before he could confirm the meaning of it, Eagle jumped out from the edge of his vision.

“Haha! Oraaaaaaaaa!”

His vision goes dark. Only the sound of gravel played on his eardrums. But he was still conscious.

With the following action in mind, Hiro tried to put his hands on the ground and failed.


He couldn’t feel anything. It was as if there was a hole in the ground, restricting Hiro’s actions. He looked at his right arm with vacant eyes and saw that it was missing from the shoulder down.

“Die, you bastard!”


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