Maseki Gurume – Vol 7 Chapter 6 Part 1

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Chapter 6 – Once Again, To The Magic City

Part 1


It was the day after dawn, after the day when the night sky turned deep blue.

Outside the gates were hordes of people who had come to inquire about last night’s events.

They all looked anxious, but there were others who were different.

There were people who already knew what had happened in the Magic City of Ist.

In the audience hall, Sylvird was holding a letter that had just arrived.

Katima is standing by his side, waiting for him to finish reading it. Ain and Warren were also there, waiting for Sylvird.

“Katima, is the magic pollution mentioned in this letter important?”

“Yes-nya. Simply put, it refers to a situation in which the magic power of the monsters inhabiting the magic stone pollutes the air and has an adverse effect on humans and other races.”

There was a history of recognizing monsters that could communicate with each other as different races.

The current situation was that those who were recognized as different races were basically less monster-like, and unlike pure monsters, they can’t eat magic stones.

This was because the magic power of the magic stone was only a poison.

Therefore, the different races were also affected by magic pollution.


“How much effort and time will it take to purify them?”

“…..That’s the problem-nya.”

It all started with the disturbance last night.

Last night, the Tower of Wisdom went out of control in the Magic City of Ist.

“The Tower of Wisdom is a facility that uses a lot of magic power all the time-nya. The amount of magic stone thrown into the liquefied magic stone pool in the basement is immeasurable-nya.”

“In other words, it takes a corresponding amount of time and effort, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s right-nya. It was probably due to the aging of the furnace, but there are reports that the safety device was triggered immediately after the outburst-nya. The worst-case scenario… could have been avoided-nya. Still, in my opinion, it may remain contaminated for several decades-nya.”

“Even if the worst has been averted, is the situation still a national disaster?”

“The Tower of Wisdom has safeguards to protect valuable magic tools and other materials-nya. The worst thing I can say is that we will lose even that-nya.”

“We should discuss how to respond to this situation.”

“This is my advice as a researcher-nya. The magic pollution will spread according to the strength of the pollution if nothing is done-nya. …That’s why-nya, we should act as soon as possible-nya.”

But where to start?

If the Tower of Wisdom was out of control because of old age, as Katima said, that’s fine. If it was a crime committed by someone else, the culprit must also be sought, so the first move was important.

But most important of all was human life.

“Warren, check on the people who evacuated first.”


For now, let’s start from there.

The only thing left to do was to wait for other reports.


The situation was so dire that many reports came in, one after another.

The number of casualties was high, but those who evacuated were safe and sound. It was important to mourn for the victims, but also not letting the evacuees be as they are. In addition to negotiating with other cities and nearby towns to see if they could provide protection, people skilled in medicine were dispatched from the royal capital.

While the council was busy in the main conference room, a letter from Oz arrived.

Warren received the letter and read it out loud.

“According to Professor Oz, the Tower of Wisdom has been severely affected by the aging of the furnace, as predicted by Katima-sama. He said that annual servicing and maintenance had ensured its safety, but there is a strong possibility that it has gone out of control in a semi-accidental manner.”

Numerous noblemen listened and pondered the tragic accident.

Accidents happened, no matter how well maintained they were.

They understood that, but this time, the scale of the accident was too large to be easily dismissed. It was said that the Tower of Wisdom was also half destroyed, and it was estimated that it would take years to repair it.

“We are fully prepared to receive them in our territory.”

“We will send relief supplies.”

“I will dispatch our personnel.”

“…That’s very encouraging. Everyone must work together as one. I will do my best, but I need everyone’s help.”

The nobles gathered in the main conference room started to discuss the matter.

Unlike usual meetings, there was no uniformity, and everyone spoke as much as necessary, which was unusually noisy for a meeting of nobles.

In the midst of all this, Warren came to Sylvird’s side and said,

“Professor Oz will be arriving in the royal capital soon. He wants to share information and discuss matters regarding the future. He will arrive tomorrow.”

“It is the first good news I have heard in a while. I can’t wait for the day Oz arrives.”

Now, the royal capital could not remain silent.

“Everyone, as Oz is coming to the royal capital, we should also prepare a survey team for Ist. If any of you know of any suitable candidates, please let me know.”

At this announcement, all the nobles shouted.


With a knock on the door, someone interrupted the bustle of the room and said, “──Excuse me.”

Lily came in, her usual laxity gone, and she called out to Warren, who was standing near Sylvird.

“Your Excellency, may I speak with you?”

“…What’s the matter?”

“Birdland has fallen. I have just received word that most of the adventurers who were employed there have been reduced to wilderness fodder.”

“It’s sooner than expected.”

“…There is one more report. One of the Shadows has lost his life in the line of duty.”

Warren’s eyes widened, and then he looked the other way.

“What happened to the body?”

“Fortunately, we were able to bring the body back home. We also brought back some of the half monsters we had defeated under tight security, so we could use them for Katima-sama’s research.”

“And where are they now?”

“In a boat anchored in Magna. It was a clandestine operation, so the body is at anchor in a fishing boat in a regular port.”

“Very well. Now, I must tell everyone here what you have just told me.”

Warren stood up and clapped his hands to attract attention.

The first thing he said was that Birdland had fallen. Surprisingly, no great surprise was expressed. Everyone knew it was only a matter of time.

By the way, the nobles were in a state of excitement.

The uproar at the Tower of Wisdom has made them more active than usual.

“We must consider dispatching an army.”

One nobleman said, and another nobleman who heard him agreed,

“Yeah, we can’t be certain that the half-monster was sent by Heim, but we should at least consider dispatching an army to Euro.”

“If push comes to shove, we can attack the port town of Roundheart from the sea.”

“Wait! I will not tolerate a statement that goes against the words of His Majesty the First!”

“I understand everyone’s feelings, but it is better to wait and see what happens.”

While various opinions were flying around, there was one person who was calmly observing the situation. It was Duke Fors. He was Leonard’s father and the head of the Legal Department.

Warren had confidence in him because he always worked calmly.

Although he had once almost raised his hand to Krone at Ain’s first party in Ishtalika, that was probably the only time he lost his composure.

That Duke Fors raised his hand and rose from his seat.

“Your Excellency, I see no need to dispatch troops in haste.”

He said it with dignity, even amidst the murmur of the crowd.

“If the half-monsters are few in number, they are not a threat. That is the same as the insects and slime in the forests near the royal capital. However, if they are like the half monsters that appeared in Euro, there are too many of them.”

The evidence of this was that they were wiped out using the battleship’s main weapon.

“There is no guarantee that creatures of the nature of half-monsters will not appear in the sea. We should gather as much information as possible now and move calmly so that our knights would not lose their lives.”

“…Yes, I do agree with you.”

Many nobles responded to his words.

There were still some hot-blooded ones left, but they had to be convinced.

Warren opened his mouth once more after confirming that all had quietened down.

“We can never ignore the Heim incident. But we are still facing the problem of the Tower of Wisdom. Let’s focus our attention here for now. Of course, I am keeping a close watch on the Heim matter, so please do not worry.”

When Prime Minister Warren said this much, there was no one who could talk back.

After all, it was out of the question to attack. The group, still somewhat unsettled, resumed discussing the magic pollution.


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