Maseki Gurume – Vol 9 Chapter 2 Part 4

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Part 4


It was willpower.

As the founder of the country of Ishtalika. As the sword king.

 The broken earth was further broken, and even the clouds drifting in the sky, which had been transformed, were instantly dispersed.

The wind pressure reached the main body of the Gluttonous World Tree and tore through the leaves on the tips of its branches.

The vines, which should have been solid, all fell prostrate to the deadly blow of the sword king.


The same was true of the glint of light. It cuts through everything that raged and wiped out the area.

Although Ramza was so exhausted that he could only stand up if he had to support himself with his great sword, the situation changed drastically.

“Well done, sir.”

“…..I don’t need any flattery.”

“Flattery? If you show me the sword’s power like this, I will have to admit that everything I have done up until now was right.”

This time, when he was propped up, he did not refuse.

Ramza relaxed his shoulders and smiled wryly at Marco.

“The Gluttonous World Tree must have been greatly depleted as well.”

However, the Gluttonous World Tree began to revive and wriggle in the blink of an eye. But the momentum was weak. It was clearly the result of Ramza’s great move.

“Misty. I don’t have much time, so I’ll be brief.”

Misty wondered when was the last time she had seen her husband so exhausted.

At the time of the Great War, she hadn’t seen him like this at all, and even further back, when Ramza was a skeleton, she hadn’t seen him like this. He was a stubborn man who thought it was a virtue not to show weakness, and he was a man who always acted heroically.

Thus, she didn’t think he was wasting her time.

“Chanting. If it is their intention to decide the match, we must be ready for it too.”

Misty’s face changed.

“I know the downside. During the chanting, you’ll be defenseless, and once you chant and release the magic, you’ll be as weak as a town girl afterward.”

“──You sure you want to do this? I won’t be a bit of a force to be reckoned with after that, will I?”

“I’ll say it again. The Gluttonous World Tree is fighting as it pleases, with no thought of the aftermath. Even if we fight with the future in mind, we will only lose the battle. In this situation, we have to rely on the legendary Elder Lich.”

Misty nodded quickly.

“I won’t get mad at you for calling me a frail town girl. I’m just flattered that you still think so.”

She smiled wistfully, showing a mischievousness that didn’t fit the occasion.

“I’ll do my best to hurry up. Just give me a minute.”

“Yeah, I’ll make as much time as I can.”

Ramza looked at Marco as he said this with a strong smile on his face.

“I mean this. Are you still up for it?”

“It is a foolish question. As long as my body can move, I will fight beside the Commander.”

“That’s very encouraging.”

Ramza said briefly, fished in his pocket, and took out two magic stones that he had prepared. He bit one of them like a ripple fruit to absorb the magic power and handed the other one to Marco. Marco crushed the magic stone with the tip of his sword and poured the overflowing magic power into his body.

“Just one more step. Can you do it?”

“Yes! Leave it to me!”

Thus, Ramza rushed out with Marco.

Behind him, Misty begins to hum a chant.


‘──The dragonsfolk’s scythe that controls the authority.’


Originally, more than several hundred years ago, magic had the concept of chanting.

The words are a declaration, a name, and a sentence.

It was one of the methods to put magic power on words and to materialize the magic to be exercised.

“I heard this story long ago when I was still a skeleton.”

It was possible to exercise magic without chanting, and today there were few people who chanted. However, this did not mean that chanting was meaningless.

“It is said that before Misty became Elder Lich, there existed a substitute mother mentor.”

Chanting makes it possible to exercise magic that is not of one’s stature.

The fact remained that the user’s ability was involved, but only when chanting can the user temporarily exceed the limit with consumption of magic power that was incomparable to that of usual.


‘In a dreamscape, looking back to the past, counting the sins and iniquities in the wreckage of the clique.’


This was not the original way to utilize chanting.

Basically, it was treated as a confirmation of mastery of magic or as a preparation to prepare the mind.

However, not everyone was aware of the fact that chanting played a role in strengthening.

“I have heard that countless kinds of magic have been taught. But one thing, Misty said, she could not master even after a thousand years.”

Even so, the reason why so few people chant was because they didn’t have time to spare for chanting.

There was no time for leisurely chanting in the face of monsters. Even if they did, the power of the magic would not be doubled.

There were not so many opportunities to use magic unsuited to one’s stature.

If there was an opportunity, it would most likely be in a desperate situation.

But at that time, there would not be enough magic power left to use the magic of inappropriate size, so it would not make much sense either way.

“I’ve never heard of it before. But what kind of magic could be so powerful that Misty-sama couldn’t use it?”

“I couldn’t believe my ears at first. I was also surprised to learn that someone had taught Misty magic in the first place.”

They cut down ivy and tree roots. The two wielded their swords together and fought only to protect Misty, who was chanting.

“So protect her! That’s all we do!”

One second, two seconds, and then three seconds passed.

But ten seconds was a long time away.

The thought of having to gain tens of seconds more from this point made you feel as if you were going to give up. But there was no looking back. They continued to fight, believing in Misty.

‘With this body, which has been repeatedly broken, I seek the wisdom of the goddess of time.’

Misty raised her staff to the sky.

This convinced the two of them.

They were convinced that the chanting would soon be complete.


“──if it can come true.’


The staff in Misty’s hand transformed into a scythe with a dazzling light.

The whole thing is a beautiful treasure as if made of crystal.


‘I have made a mistake; may I be granted a time of redemption──’


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A flash of light reminiscent of diamond dust.

It soared through the air and rushed across the earth. The atmosphere became still, and the surface of the earth, centered on the spot where the three were, began to be covered in crystal.

The chanting was now complete.

The scythe was swung down by Misty, pierced the ground, turned into light, and disappeared.

“Hah….. hah…..!”

But this was not enough.

──The Gluttonous World Tree, which continued to evolve by the moment, was still pulsating, though deeply wounded. The black liquid dripping from the wounds on its trunk soaked the ground and dissolved the crystals on the surface of the earth.

Misty’s magic was not to be outdone. The crystallization started again from the melted area, and the black liquid was pushed back.

However, the miasma rising from the melted crystals consumed the bodies of all three except Arche.

From the black liquid-covered surface, blackened ivy appeared and undulated, agitating the four of them.


“I, too, will fight.”


The Dream Demon Lord, who had been protecting Misty until now, stepped out in front of the three of them.

The purple-blue magic condensed in her palm and shook.

It transformed to the size of a small crystal ball, shaking the sky and shaking the earth.

Misty and Ramza immediately understood that she was transforming her life force into magic power.

“I won’t tolerate an attack with the intention of dying.”

“Oh, that’s like a slap in the face.”

“Fuh….. what’s that? You said yourselves were going to stop that boy with the intention of dying, but you wouldn’t allow me to do it.”

Arche turned around and showed a carefree smile.

“No problem. I’ll probably fall asleep, but rest assured, I’ll wake up later.”

And besides.

“When it comes to sleep, I’m a succubus, so I’m better suited for it.”

The mass of purplish blue leaves her and heads toward the Gluttonous World Tree.

The movement is as gentle as cotton wool in a gentle breeze.


“Wehehe….. heeehahahahahahaha!”

The crystals cracked, and eyes and gazes crossed as they peeked through the wound.

But Arche still stared back without looking away, even with greasy sweat on her face.

“If you can stand that situation, you can stand it as long as you want.”

“Heeaaa…. Ihihihihi…..!”

Arche, the Succubus of Jealousy declared.


“Good night….. the Gluttonous World Tree──!”


The drifting purplish blue exploded.

The storm wind, full of destructive power, blew, and the purplish blue light spiraled and extended from the earth to the sky. The destructive power, which did not disgrace the name of the Demon Lord, continued to rage for more than ten seconds, and finally, the light disappeared along with Arche, who suddenly fainted.

“You’re really my proud little sister; you know that?”

The words of exertion were uttered by Ramza, who had supported her body just before she collapsed. As he let her body lie quietly, he looked alternately at Marco and the Gluttonous World Tree.

Marco, too, stared at the World Tree and spoke without thinking.

“The Gluttonous World Tree….. what a tremendous power!”

At that time, he wished that the Gluttonous World Tree would not be able to endure and would be defeated.

“What….. what happened?”

For a moment, the tree shook as if it had been struck in the back of the head with a blunt object. Black liquid stopped flowing from the trunk, and the blackened ivy shriveled up.

“Well, it can’t be that Ain-sama’s heart is──!”

“Maybe so! Misty! This is your last chance!”

“Yes! I know!”

Just before the magic she had chanted faded away. Misty’s power pushed back the resistance of the Gluttonous World Tree.

The dissolved crystals covered the earth’s surface and reached the great tree’s trunk.

The crystal instantly covered the trunk, and Misty fell to her knees and, at the same time──.


“──The sealing process has been completed, it seems.”


All around, the royal capital of Heim had been transformed into an object isolated from time and space.

The cracks in the earth, as well as the tree roots and vines that had never known fear, had all been transformed into crystal objects, and not a trace of life could be felt.

Even in the eerie sky, the crystallized stars of magic power had disappeared. Before long, the edges of the sky had taken on a bright orange hue. Perhaps it was because they had been fighting for so long, but it seemed that dawn would soon be breaking.

“Both Arche’s and Misty’s magic was incredible.”


“Come on, give me your hands. You did well.”

Even though he was more wounded and worn out than she was.

He smiled at her with a heroic smile that made her fall in love with him again, and she giggled and took his hand.

“This could have stopped Arche in the past, couldn’t it?”

“Only if I could have used it.”

“That’s right. It would have been difficult to create so much leeway in that great war. ──How about you, Marco? You are safe, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I am grateful to you for your compassionate protection.”

“Don’t be silly. What’s wrong with me, the strongest swordsman, protecting you?”

“With all due respect, sir, I’m your subordinate.”

“──Fuh. I don’t care about that.”

He said strongly to hide his embarrassment and looked up at the Gluttonous World Tree.

He supported his wife’s shoulder and laughed with her.

The Gluttonous World Tree stood out among these huge objects.

At first glance, it looked like a glass figurine or a frozen tree in an ice field.

“What’s going on here?”

“This whole area has been frozen in time.”

“Time stopped?”

“Yes. It’s not dead; it’s not asleep. Everything is frozen in time.”

“How about Ain──”

“Don’t worry. There are several ways to save him.”

“Oh….. That means.”

They won in the best way possible.

But he could not speak these words. His joy drained his strength, and he could only exhale a sigh.

“I just want to take a little break.”

“I’d like to take a break for about ten years anyway.”

“I agree. But that may not be possible.”

“I know, I know. I just need a little bit of a break.”

The three of them, except for Arche, all fell down to the ground at once and looked up at the azure sky that was gradually changing color.


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