Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 11 Chapter 1 Part 6

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Part 6


(I want to save you this time.)

The feelings that welled up in him, he endured, endured, endured.

Liz was Liz. She was not Rey. It was a foolish and childish act to put the two of them on top of each other.

But―both of them were still important.

(Since when… I found his strength and discovered her brilliance in you.)

When Hiro met her in the Unfang Forest and regained his memory in the Spirit King’s Temple, he found a spark in her. It was small and could have disappeared at any time, but as time passed, the radiance grew with each passing day and each ordeal. Still, the doubt remained. It was only when he saw her for the first time as a grown woman that he was able to dispel them.

And now―at this moment.

The way her soul shines so brightly, so beautifully, so strong and yet gentle, she has become an irreplaceable jewel.

“Liz, did you know that the first emperor had a sister?”


“She had a different mother than Altius. She was born between a human and a long-eared race.”

Hiro avoided Liz’s attack and continued to open his mouth while keeping his distance from her.

“Her name is Celia Rey Sinmora von Grantz. She was the sister of the first emperor and the first princess shrine maiden who led the people from the beginning.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“You should know.”

Having blocked the attack of the Flame Emperor with the Dark Emperor, Hiro and Liz were close to each other.

“For a thousand years, “half-humans” have been an abomination. As soon as Rey was born, she was placed in the care of certain people. The first persecuted people in the world―the people of the beginning. The persecuted people gathered together and formed the village of Baum.

No race would accept them who were born and fell as half-humans, and before that, there was a time when there was no room in their hearts. The Spirit King took pity on the persecuted people and placed the people of the beginning under his protection. Thanks to this, the village of Baum was no longer attacked by kidnappers and bandits. The young Altius, who became the king of the human race, asked the people of Baum to cooperate with him.

At first, the people of Baum were reluctant to cooperate, but Altius’ sister, Rey, the first princess shrine maiden, persuaded them of the threat posed by the demon race, and the people’s stubbornness gradually began to dissolve. Finally, they offered to cooperate with each other, and the two joined hands.

The two sides eventually agreed to cooperate, and the Five Emperors of the Spirit Sword, which would be the catalyst for the human race’s rapid advance, was refined.

“From there, as you may know, a boy was summoned from another world, and the battle against the demons began in earnest.”

The war began in blood, and the grudges that had piled up spread across the continent, creating a massive killing war. Many lost their families, friends, and lovers, and many were scattered in the flames of war with great ambitions in their hearts. Even so, they were not allowed to stop. Looking back, the path they had followed was littered with corpses, and before they could reach their goal, Hiro returned to his world, and Altius, too, met the end of his life without realizing his dream.

“What happened to Rey….. the first princess shrine maiden?”

“That’s uncouth of me to say. You will know in the near future.”

Hiro repelled Liz’s attack, moved away from her, and placed the blade of the Heavenly Emperor on her shoulder.

“The only thing I can tell you is that it was inconvenient for the human race to get the help of the half-human. It was necessary for humans to overcome the demons. Therefore, the fact that she was Altius’ sister was almost completely erased during the reign of the third emperor.”

“Why would he do that…?”

“Maybe he was afraid of her. Fear of those stronger than himself led to the persecution of other races. But Baum was able to survive with the blessing of the Spirit King. Or perhaps it would be better to say “kept alive”.”

The two glared at each other while maintaining a certain distance. Liz, perhaps wary, no longer approached him as before. Hiro did not attack her at all. It was natural to be suspicious.

“Even if you were powerful enough to rule the central continent, you couldn’t destroy a small country that could blow up.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’ll ask you once again, don’t you want that power? In the face of the ‘King,’ the overwhelming power that can’t even destroy a small country――give me the Flame Emperor, and it will be possible.”

“You are persistent. I told you I would not do that.”

Liz seemed to be irritated because she had been asked the same question over and over again. Hiro squinted at her as if he was observing her and chose his words as if he was checking for a reaction.

“If so, Liz, kill me. If not, I will rule the Grantz.”

“Suppose you become this God? Would you be satisfied if you could control the Grantz from behind the scenes?”

Hiro nodded in agreement with Liz.

“The country was left behind by my former comrades-in-arms. It should not perish like this.”

“Then you and I have the same goal, don’t we?”

“Ultimately, yes.”

“Then why don’t you come back!”

The sword swelled up, and a cloud of dust rose as Liz slammed the tip of her sword into the ground in anger.

In the midst of all this, Hiro stood quietly, staring at the place where Liz would be.

“Even if our goals are the same, the paths we take to get there will never intersect.”

The paths would differ depending on which side you held up, the ideal or the reality.

Surely Liz would not accept this. She would absolutely deny the path that led Hiro to his ultimate goal.

Even if they joined hands, they would surely fall out along the way.

“Liz, don’t use such sweet words about cutting off a limb.”

Whichever path you took, ideal or reality, you will need to be prepared.

Whether it was a parent, a child, or a sibling, if it got in the way, it should be eliminated.

That was how people had grown up. If you were not prepared to bear the burden of the karma imposed on those who stand at the top, then you should  have stayed at home without setting any ideals.

There was always only one road that led to heaven, no matter how many paths it may have taken.

“It is time to show your resolve. If you want your ideals to come true, you must let go of your naivete.”

Hiro cut away the dust and kicked the ground. Without hesitation, he swung down the Dark Emperor at Liz, who looked surprised. However, it was repelled just in time, and a fist was released from Liz and pierced into Hiro’s cheek. Hiro, who had caught the fist, did not lose his posture but pulled it away and glared at her.

“I won’t stop until I die.”

“Yes, but I won’t give up either.”

Liz had a strong will. Her red eyes were wild with fire.

She was strong enough, and her heart was also strong. But it was not enough.

Her determination was not enough to reach the heavens.

“If you are going to be the empress of the Grantz, you must show that you are ready to kill me here.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

Liz screamed and was covered in blue flames, and in response to her anger, a serpent of flame formed. The flames that writhe in the air closed in on Hiro, but he easily crushed them and thrust out the Heavenly Emperor. Losing the contest, Liz also sharply flashed her Flame Emperor. The two blades crossed each other with sparks, and the Dark Emperor aimed at Liz’s heart, but to Hiro’s surprise, she caught it between two fingers. Just as Hiro was admiring her strange technique, his body was blown away by an impact on his abdomen.

However, Hiro, who had slammed his arm into the ground, positioned himself in mid-air. Furthermore, a crack appeared in the space behind him, and what came out was a sword hilt. Using it as a foothold, Hiro’s body accelerated like a bullet, instantly crushing the distance between him and Liz, and the two were once again connected spectacularly.

One, five, ten, it was no longer a slashing match, but as if they were punching each other, both of them trying to crush the other with all their might. The ground shattered, the sky cracked, and the landscape around them transformed. The battle, which seemed to go on forever――,


――Came to an abrupt end.



As if choking, Liz goes rigid with her eyes wide open. Hiro, on the other hand, also has some surprises in his eyes. The tip of the Flame Emperor’s blade had penetrated deeply into Hiro’s chest.


NyX Translations


“Why did you… lose on purpose?”

Liz’s question was quite natural.

It was obvious that Hiro created a big gap in order to let Liz win. He had slipped and impaled himself on the Flame Emperor. Liz turned her angry eyes toward Hiro. She wanted to say that she did not want to win by being pitied, but Hiro shook his head and denied it.

“No way… I’m not going to do something so trivial.”

Clutching the blade of the Flame Emperor that pierced him, Hiro looked doubtful, but his expression quickly changed to one of satisfaction.

“…..Oh, I see, so that’s how it is.”

The Flame Emperor was pulled out, and Hiro held the wound, smiling reassuringly at Liz.

“This is what you want, a really funny joke.”

His words were not directed at Liz. Hiro’s gaze was fixed above Liz’s head.

Following his gaze, Liz saw a single “bow” floating in the sky.

No decoration. No craftsmanship. It was just a wooden branch―a wooden bow in the shape of a crescent moon.

However, those who saw it would realize that it was no ordinary bow.

Fresh air swirled around the bow, shining as if to prove the mightiness of its hidden power.

This was the true form of the Wind Emperor, one of the Five Emperors of the Spirit Sword. The Wind Emperor floated in the air for a while as if enjoying itself, but then it took the form of a sword and fell to the ground at Liz’s feet.


“Take it in your hand. You’ve been chosen by the Wind Emperor.”

When Hiro said this while holding his chest, Liz looked at the Wind Emperor with a puzzled look on her face.

“I don’t understand. I thought the Wind Emperor had made a contract with Hiro.”

“Spirits are very fickle beings. They can be devoted to a single master, like the Flame Emperor, or they can betray him, like the Wind Emperor―rare but not unheard of.”

It was the Wind Emperor who created an opening for Hiro to slip away in order to let Liz win. Even Hiro was unable to cope with the last-minute betrayal, and by the time he realized it, Liz’s attack had pierced through his chest.

“It was my fault that the Wind Emperor betrayed me. You don’t have to worry about it.”

“But that doesn’t mean…”

It was impossible to accept the existence of a being who has sidestepped a serious game, a fight for one’s life.

Seeing Liz’s confusion, Hiro let out a sigh of sadness.

“Even if you refuse, the Wind Emperor will not leave. I think you should accept it when you think it is necessary.”

“The Wind Emperor disappeared from under Liz’s feet. After watching, Hiro turned his back to Liz and began to walk away.

“It’s not over yet. Where are you going?”

“I’m not a battle maniac. Besides, I think I have indeed gone too far.”

The Dark Emperor and the Heavenly Emperor were no longer in Hiro’s hand with his arms outstretched. Instead, a large number of Greif soldiers surrounded them. Liz seemed to finally realize her situation and looked around menacingly.

“As expected, the effect of the ‘eye’ will wear off if things get out of control like this. But even before that, the area is too wide, so it might be impossible.”

The garden of another country―the escape route was now blocked. Although he had caused a problem, he had been sent there at Lucia’s request and would not be caught in the act. But Liz was the commander of the Grantz Army, which had invaded the Six Kingdoms.

What should I do…? Hiro put his hand on his chin and thought about it, but he stopped thinking when he suddenly saw a woman at the entrance of the Fierte Palace. There was something wrong with her. She seemed uninjured, but when Hiro wondered if he should call out to her, a man rushed to her from among the soldiers surrounding her. He was Seleucus, Lucia’s aide.

“Lucia-sama, what has happened?”

“His Majesty the Unified King has passed away.”

Lucia’s face fell, her shoulders shaking as if she were about to cry. Her startling words brought silence to the courtyard, and everyone looked puzzled and dismayed. Liz was watching Lucia with a frown on her brow, and Hiro was also staring with narrowed eyes.

After a few moments, some of the soldiers came to their senses and rushed to Lucia, which brought most of them back to their senses, and the courtyard became noisier than before.

Lucia kneeled down on the ground before them and raised her voice.

“It was Nameless, and it was all his doing. General Ramses tried to capture him, but he was beaten back.”

She slammed her fist on the ground and didn’t speak about the important part, but Hiro guessed a lot.

A smile would be on her hidden face. It seems that everything went as she had planned.

Liz also “saw” it and stared at Lucia with a dubious expression.

“What are you doing? Nameless―the traitor may still be lurking in the area. Search the area immediately!”

At these words, the Greif soldiers gathered in the courtyard scattered around the area with anger in their eyes, ignoring the presence of Hiro and Liz. Lucia, observing this situation, looked satisfied and did not feel any of the serious atmospheres she has just had. She opened her fan and elegantly fanned herself while casting a sideways glance at Seleucus, who was waiting by her side.

“Gather Greif’s chief advisors. We need a new leader. But the time is ripe for immediate action. I will temporarily assume control of Greif.”

“And what of those who disobey?”

“Tell them that His Majesty the Unified King, on his deathbed, entrusted me to take care of the rest.”

“I understand. Those who still disobey will be dealt with as rebels.”

“Very well. We will seize Greif before there are any doubts.”

Watching Seleucus leave, she looks at Hiro and Liz now that their fight has been interrupted.

“Hmm, I’m sorry to have disturbed you. I would say, don’t mind me, and continue, but it’s a good thing that the sixth princess is here.”

Pointing the tip of her fan at Liz, Lucia opened her mouth.

“A truce is in order. The Sixth Kingdom and the Grantz will now sign a truce.”

“All of a sudden――?”

“Are you sure you want to refuse?”

Lucia interrupted the puzzled Liz without a moment’s pause.

“The Vanir Three Kingdoms and the Free Peoples have made a move.”


“This is not the time to be wasting time fighting here.”

“How do you know?”

The one who intervened between the two was Hiro.

“I told you that if you cooperate with me, I will give you useful information.”

Hearing those words, Hiro’s expression turned bitter.

As expected, she was a fairly strong person.

“I didn’t think you would give it to me here.”

“Information must be used where it is most valuable. If the time is not right, it may be worthless, but I am glad that it was useful this time.”

Lucia laughed and looked at Liz again.

“The Sixth Princess Celia Estrella, I ask you again, can we call a truce?”

Lucia’s eyes narrowed like a snake’s, and her lips moistened with glamour.


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