Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 11 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2 – Beyond the Dream

Part 1


The Great Grantz Empire, Margrave Grinda’s Territory―near Lynx.

There was a fortress called Berg in this area. It was once the base of the sixth princess.

At the time, the Principality of Lichtine attacked without a declaration of war, and a fierce battle ensued between the forces led by the sixth princess and their army. A great number of people died on both sides, but now that time had passed, there was no trace of such a battle. Although Fort Berg had such a history, it was not currently in use.

There are several reasons for this. First, the facilities were old, and it would be better to rebuild them anew. Second, the late Prince Hiro’s victory in the war with the Principality of Lichtine expanded the southern territory of the Grantz, and the border line was moved further down.

Now a fort had been built on the newly drawn borderline, and naturally, Fort Berg had come to the end of its usefulness. Fort Berg was no longer in use, and at one time, it was considered to be demolished. However, the Lynx people protested, and it was decided to reinforce it and keep it as it was. Why did the people of Lynx protest? First, it was unbearable to destroy the fortress where the sixth princess, who was expected to become the next emperor, had resided. Second, it was here that Hiro, a descendant of the second emperor, was discovered. Above all, the people of Lynx had been ruled by the Grinda family for many years. Therefore, there were many people who knew the sixth princess’s mother when she was still alive, and the Grinda family, including Liz, had extraordinary feelings for her. There were plans to make Fort Berg a tourist attraction. This was because many people from all over the world came to see what kind of place it was.

Near Fort Berg, loved by the people of the Lynx, a number of buildings have been constructed.

The banner of the “lion” was displayed, and the banner of the Kelheit family could be seen here and there.

In the center was a large tent in which was the commander of the Fifth Imperial Army.

“I was surprised that you did not show up for a while, but I am sure that your movement must have made Rosa-dono feel relieved.”

Bowing to the woman lying on the couch was the former five great generals, the fearless-looking General Robert von Gracchus. He had once been defeated by a woman in front of him in a public match held in front of the emperor. So he was demoted from his position as one of the five great generals, but now he supported her as her second-in-command. This General Robert wondered about her lack of response and shifted his footing, and sat down on the floor.

“What, are you still sleepy, General Weiss?”

She looked sleepy, and Robert crossed his arms with a wry smile on his face.


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She was a beautiful woman. Her skin was smooth as glass and so dazzling that it was hard to believe that she was a soldier. Her eyes, which were like gold nuggets that could be mistaken for jewelry, accentuate her skin, giving her a dignified impression and even making her look divine. Her left eye was hidden by a tuft of white paper mulberry-like hair, and her right eye was exposed to the outside world by her hair being brushed up, emphasizing the corner of her eye, which reminded one of a long, sharp blade. However, her slightly drooping hair softened her slightly domineering personality, and she also had ears covered with white hair, which added a somewhat comforting element to her appearance.

She had an interesting and elegant figure with a fine face and a narrow nose and was more like a beauty than a beautiful woman.

Her atmosphere was somehow similar to that of the sixth princess, which was the reason why she was rumored to be the illegitimate daughter of Emperor Greyheit.

There was one odd thing about her as well. That was that she wore an old military uniform.

It seemed to be a military uniform adopted 1,000 years ago, and of course, there was no such uniform in existence today. She even went to the trouble of finding a dwarf that could produce it. She was so concerned about the old military uniforms that even Robert did not understand why she was so obsessed with them, but it was nothing to pry into, so he did not pay much attention to it.

“My head is clear, and I’m not sleepy. The only reason I look sleepy is because of my droopy eyes. I was just thinking.”

She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, stifled a sigh, and replied. Her gestures were somewhat animal-like, but it seemed she was a “halfling” born between a beastman and a long-eared race. Her good looks and fair skin were of the long-ears race, while her personality and movements are probably strongly influenced by her beastman blood.

“Oh… that’s unusual, General Weiss is thinking; it will probably rain tomorrow.”

“It’s not like I’m a shaman. It’s going to be cloudy at best.”

Robert’s sarcastic joke was met with a smirk from Weiss.

Robert snickered, but then he tried to mend his serious expression and let out a low voice.

“Do you think we can hold off the Vanir Three Kingdoms even if we come running in for reinforcements?”

“Well… I don’t know about that. I can’t make a decision before we know how many people the Vanir Three Kingdoms have.”

Weiss looked up at the ceiling, sighed, and then looked at Robert, who stroked his neck.

“Did Her Highness Celia Estrella’s uncle―Margrave Grinda―join us?”

“He just joined us a moment ago. I’ve never seen him before, but he seems to be a very capable man.”

“That’s probably true… If I had been at the age where he is now… I wouldn’t have remained in the position of a margrave. By now, I would have demonstrated my ability in the Central.”

Muttering in an unmotivated manner, Weiss lays down on the couch, looking bored.

However, she quickly raised her upper body and looked at the entrance to the tent. The beast’s ears on her head trembled slightly. Soon, a noisy voice came from outside. Robert seemed to have noticed and stood up, grabbing the sword he had left beside him.

“What happened?”

The voice, which came from the bottom of his gut, made the air tremble. A soldier reacted immediately, appearing at the entrance to the tent and falling to one knee.

“It seems that a spy has slipped in!”

“What were the guards doing? Even though it’s our territory――”

Robert’s face is tinged with indignation as he threatens. But no further reprimands flew because Weiss tapped him on the shoulder.

“General Robert. He is not responsible for this.”

Weiss, who tapped him on the shoulder several times, passed by Robert and went out of the tent.

Robert hurried after her but was choked up by the strange atmosphere outside.

A clamor was rising. It was a bit exaggerated for an enemy spy to be lurking around.

“It’s better to assume that the soldiers are either agitated or… disturbed. Maybe they’ve been misinformed about an enemy attack or some other lie.”

“I-it’s shameful… that the soldiers of Grantz would be disturbed by false information…”

“Even the spy is desperate to escape. But it’s dangerous to leave things as they are… We have to quell the disturbances. General Robert, you go and calm the soldiers down.”

“I understand. What about you, General Weiss?”

“I’ll find the spy.”

With her arms outstretched, Weiss closed her eyes.

“One, no, three…”


Weiss muttered something strange, and Robert tilted his head.

“I’ve got them. There, there, and there.”

Weiss pointed to the right place and gave a reproachful look to Robert.

“Look, don’t just stand there, send the soldiers to the place I just mentioned. Also, don’t forget to calm down those noisy soldiers.”

Weiss turned on her heel and headed back to the tent. Robert responded by calling out to Weiss.

“W-where are you going?”

Weiss turned around.

“Where, you ask? I’m going to bed, but… wake me up when it’s time for dinner.”

After saying this, she waved her hand and went into the tent.

Then, Weiss heard Robert’s noisy voice coming from outside, but she just plopped down on the couch and closed her eyelids.

“My body is gradually getting used to it. Soon… soon. This time I will not fail. I’ll make good on the promise.”

Weiss muttered to herself and departed to the dream world.


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